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I will 'follow the leader' Joey Yap to complete all the courses. Great structure, great teacher, great information. Thank you so much for imparting so much information and sharing your knowledge.

Jane Dempster Smith, Australia

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  Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module Four

Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four

What is Module 4?

Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 4 is designed to take students out of the classroom - and into the outdoors, where they will put to practice their hard-won knowledge and abilities that is a culmination of their studies in Modules 1, 2, and 3.

Module 4 is the pinnacle of the Feng Shui Mastery series, and places more emphasis on students' capabilities in doing their actual 'Feng Shui fieldwork.' In line with that, 50% of the coursework is classroom-based; while the other 50% focuses on practical work done out of the classroom.

Module 4 is both a theoretical and practical course, where you will not only be taught how to understand formulas, but more importantly, learn how to apply them to real-life scenarios.

What we are also going to do in Module 4 is cut to the chase in disseminating crucial techniques excerpted from classics such as Ru Di Yan 入地眼, Ba Zhai Jin Guang Dou Lin Jing 八宅金光斗臨經 and Di Li Wu Jue 地理五訣. You will find these concepts handy in carrying out your practical audits and assessments of landforms and properties.

Module 4 is also exam-heavy, but not in the traditional sense: these exams will assume the form of continuous evaluation, and will therefore be conducted throughout the duration of your course (6 days). You can expect an open-book approach, where emphasis will be placed on your ability to apply the knowledge you have amassed to practical situations. We are more interested in seeing your pragmatic, hands-on abilities; not your talent in memorizing and regurgitating theorems and formulas!

Module 4 is all about taking qualified practitioners and letting them mature into the cream of the crop.

Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four

Course Highlights

This is to give you a general overview of the course content and structure, along with what to expect for each particular segment.

Topic One : Classical Feng Shui - The Module 4 Overview
 Introduction to Luan Tou
Topic Two : Luan Tou Feng Shui - The Entering Earth Eye
  The Five Elements of Luan Tou- Advanced Analysis
  The Nine Stars Advanced Analysis
  Different Forms of the Nine Stars
  The Nine Stars in Different Palaces
  The Nine Stars' Release of Dragon Veins
B.Dragons in Feng ShuiThe Entering Earth Eye
  Landform Analysis
  Different Classes of Dragon
  Landform Dragon Relations
  Quality of Veins
  Crossing the Gap
  Dragon Terminology
  Formation of Meridian Spots
  Quality of Dragons
  Classification of Bright Halls
  Flatland Dragons
C.Landform Embrace
  Types of Landform Embrace
  Special Forms in the Embrace
  The 28 Constellations
D.WaterForms of Water
  Three Types of Water Flow
  Negative Water Form
  Favorable Water Form
  Recognizing Special Water Forms
  Recognizing Water Structures
  The 12 types of Auspicious Water Formations
  Water Formula
E.Meridian Spots
  Heavenly Stars for Assessing the Dragon and dotting the meridian spot
  24 Dragons Establishing the Facing Method Landform Analysis
Topic Three : Yang House Essentials
 Heavenly Stars Establishing the Facing
 Landform Sha Qi
 Landform Sheng Qi
 New 30 Principles
 Achieving Specific Goals
 Joey Yap's Yang House Check Points
Topic Four : Date Selection Techniques
 Whipping Horse Verse
 12 Special Forces
 Na Yin Date Selection MethodHere's

Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module Four

Who should attend?
 Practitioners and consultants wanting to learn the finer points of Feng Shui
 Individuals pursuing a career as a professional Feng Shui consultant or instructor
What are the pre-requisites?
 Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 3
Students from other schools with the relevant qualification may be accepted; this is subject to the approval of the Mastery Academy after the student has contacted the Academy directly to discuss academic expectations, as well as to clarify their level of knowledge.
How will this course be conducted?
 This course is available through international workshops and private power coaching classes. English is the language of instruction.
What are the textbooks required?
 Students will receive a copy of the Feng Shui Module 4 workbook.
Course Recognition
 Upon completion of Feng Shui Module 4, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Those who wish to be certified can take on an optional examination which is conducted during the course. Upon successfully passing this examination, you will graduate with a Feng Shui Mastery Diploma. Those who excel in the examinations will be awarded a Feng Shui Mastery Diploma (with Distinction).
Online Community
 Our website also hosts an Online Community and Forum, which provides an interactive platform for practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange their views and propagate knowledge of classical Chinese Metaphysics.

Check out for Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module 4. ACADEMIC CALENDER
Download now our FREE Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module 4 brochure. Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module 4 brochure


Thank you Joey for this great course. I am starting to understand the whole concept, checking the essential first and not getting lost in minor details. I finally know the background of the formulas, which I believe, will make my future much easier. It was a pleasure to listen to all your comments. My perspective has changed.
Elizabeth Stuker (Switzerland)

The best Feng Shui course I have ever attended. Your excellent teaching skills and techniques have enabled me to grasp the principles and concepts of REAL Feng Shui - all within a short span of one week.
Kelly Chua (U.S.A)

This is the jewel in the crown. All our years of learning have now completely clicked into place. Everything makes sense, all of a sudden. Why am I not surprised? I am proud to be a part of this amazing set up. May god bless you and reward your integrity and earnestness. You teach what you truly believe, and that is very good Karma. Best of luck. I am honoured to do this. One day I will say I was there at Mastery Academy's first Module 4.
Sherry Merchant (India)

Oustanding as usual! You led us to find the answers without telling us everything. Then you gave us the answer - great! Anybody wanting to learn real Feng Shui, this course is highly recommended. At last, real value for money, for clear, decisive and informative, hands-on course. No wafting, just lots of real information, you were determined to finish the course. This is a first for me. Thank you Joey.
Diane Grobler (South Africa)

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