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This dynamic new M3 course swept away my previous Feng Shui foundation. It enlightens my perspective on concepts of Feng Shui. Most important is looking at the big structure and no more blind faith in “secret” formulas. The understanding of formula and structure helps make real life applications for success possible. This course is presented in a very systematic syllabus. Thank you once again.

Vin Leo, Australia

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Over the course of his years of research and study, Joey Yap has written numerous articles for both the general public and his students. These articles cover a wide range of topics within the fields of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, and include how-to guides, historical overviews, commentary and opinion essays, travel articles, and much more.

These articles and resources have been compiled here in a searchable database that can be easily viewed by visitors to the website.

Questions regarding any of these articles can be directed to our Administration Department.

Click here for more articles in our "Columns in Major Newspapers" section, which is a collection of columns written by Joey Yap for various newspapers over the years.

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Date Title
20 Apr 2016
Date It Right! : Personal Date Selection for Businesses
18 Apr 2016
1 Mar 2016
1 Aug 2015
How Qi Affects The Eight Different Types Of Houses Based On Main Doors (Part 2)
1 Aug 2015
Aquariums: More Than Just An Aesthetic Choice
1 Aug 2015
Negative Sectors In 2015
1 Jul 2015
1 Jul 2015
Decoding Outcomes in Life with Qi Men Dun Jia
1 Jul 2015
Feng Shui for Bathrooms
29 Jun 2015
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