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Thank you for your clear mind and I hope we will work a long time together and I can enjoy to learn a lot and to be a very good Feng Shui consultant. Thank you for your consultation.

Birgit X. Fischer, Germany

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Numerical Intelligence

Numerical Intelligence
By Joey Yap

Chinese sages in the old days discovered numerical patterns in the different levels of Qi.

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Chinese sages in the old days discovered numerical patterns in the different levels of Qi. They did this through the study of the Tao, the Yin and Yang, Qi, Five Elements and the Trigrams. By realising that 'nature' can be understood through numerical patterns, they devised theories and formulas to calculate and ascertain the varying qualities of Qi in the environment. Mathematics, as with modern science is the common language of Chinese metaphysics.

The Main concept of numerical patterns stem from the Binary numbers. This was the concept of Yin and Yang.

Mathematics as a form of numerology was widely used by the Chinese sages in the old days. With this 'language', they coded theories using a complex arrangement of numbers and information based on the patterns of synchronism in events and time with reference to directions, locations, formations of the environment and with different types of people. Like many scientists today, Chinese sages believed in the power of numbers and that these were the 'key' to unlocking the 'Tao' (way of nature) and all its infinite wisdom. Classical Feng Shui theories are thus based on these numerical codes.

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