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Joey, You have made this trip a journey to remember. I have heard about form school very briefly in the past, but you have gone into such depth in the subject I can now see how important it is in performing a Feng Shui audit. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and explaining answers to my question with such patience. I am so proud to be a student of Mastery Academy. All of the accommodations, especially the food were fantastic. Thank you for making my first trip to China so exciting and memorable. I look forward to more studies with you.

Jeannie Banta, U.S.A.

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School of Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology is accurate and prescient, and has had proven success and efficacy throughout the course of Chinese history. It is based on a science of complex calculations and intricate theories, and involves more than typical animal sign predictions.

BaZi, or Eight Characters (also known as the Four Pillars), is an ancient and sophisticated discipline of Destiny Analysis. It uses birth data to analyze and determine an individual's path in life. BaZi enables us to understand the role of Destiny, and how it plays out in our lives and the lives of others.

Less about fortune telling and more about empowering individuals, BaZi provides you with a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and knowledge of potential challenges and obstacles.

With this information, you can overcome challenges while striving to effectively fulfill your potential. BaZi allows you to understand your life destiny in order to actively take charge of it.


The BaZi Mastery Series comprises BaZi Mastery Modules 1 and 2 and provides students with a thorough introduction to BaZi, along with an intensive understanding of BaZi principles and the requisite skills to practice it with accuracy and precision.

Students who complete both modules will be well-prepared to perform readings and interpretations. Feng Shui practitioners will also benefit from having knowledge of BaZi, as it will complement and enhance their Feng Shui practice.

Students of BaZi Modules 1 and 2 will also have access to continuing education facilities offered through the Mastery Academy's Online Mastery Community. Students can interact with instructors in a private forum, and use available online channels to obtain clarification on questions and doubts, discuss ideas and theories, and stay updated on the latest research and interpretations.


 BaZi Mastery Series Module 1
 BaZi Mastery Series Module 2
 BaZi Mastery Series Module 3
 BaZi Mastery Series Module 4
 BaZi Mastery Series Module 5

BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Lesson Based Learning
Joey Yap's BaZi Mastery HomeStudy Course HomeStudy Courses

The ZeRi Mastery Series, or Date Selection, comprise two modules: ZeRi Mastery Series Module 1 and ZeRi Mastery Series Module 2. This program provides students with a thorough introduction to the art of Date Selection both for Personal and Feng Shui purposes.

Date Selection is a metaphysical science that allows us to select a date on which the energies present on that day will best support a particular activity and promote its chances of success. The Qi on each particular day varies, as it is dependent on the movement of the celestial bodies and its impact on one another. These movements influence the flow of the universe and will have subsequent effects on the energies of a particular day.

Our ZeRi Mastery Series aims to provide a thorough and comprehensive program on the art of Date Selection, covering everything from Personal and Feng Shui Date Selection in Module 1, to Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection in Module 2. Both modules provide a fundamental grounding in all the rudimentary basics and allow you to move from the more straightforward techniques in Module 1 to the more sophisticated methods of Xuan Kong Da Gua in Module 2 with ease and confidence.


 ZeRi Mastery Series Module 1
 ZeRi Mastery Series Module 2

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