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First of all, thank you so much for imparting the real classical BaZi in a very structured and systematic methodology. Though it was fast-paced, it kept me gluing all the pieces together one by one to form a final complete picture of BaZi reading that I had not encountered through the years I spent trying to master it, I did enjoy every minute of the 4-day courses and (of M1 and M2) and most important, I learnt BaZi in such a short time compared to the years it normally takes.

Johnny Chan Chin Hee, Malaysia

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Our panel of instructors are mostly senior practicing members of the Academy who are accomplished practitioners and/or experienced teachers in their own right. Most of them have their own large following of students/clients/corporate entities and have traveled extensively around the world as part of their active involvement in their practice of Feng Shui professionally.

Each of our instructors is required to undergo the stringent "molding and grinding" process of the Academy in addition to undertaking the vigorous training offered in the instructors and/or trainers programs. They must also satisfy various requirements of the Academy, such as possession of right personal attributes, demonstration of professionalism, sense of responsibility, duty of care and other positive factors before they are awarded a license to teach.

The performance of each instructor is monitored by the Academy and renewal of licenses is conditional upon continuously meeting the standards and high expectations of the Academy.

We take pride in presenting our panel of instructors worldwide:

Country Instructor
Slovenia Slovenia Aleksandra K. Dorann
Details   Details
Poland Poland Anna Sztandera
Details   Details
Germany Germany Bianca Esser
Details   Details
Germany Germany Birgit X. Fischer
Details   Details
Singapore Singapore Chan Chi Tim
Details   Details
South Africa South Africa Diane Grobler
Details   Details
U.S.A. U.S.A. Donna Collins
Details   Details
Slovenia Slovenia Dusan Donko
Details   Details
Greece Greece Eleni & Nikolas
Details   Details
France France Helene Weber
Details   Details
Turkey Turkey Humeyra Tumay
Details   Details
Malaysia Malaysia Hung Hin Cheong
Details   Details
Malaysia Malaysia Iverson Chee Kin Lee
Details   Details
United Kingdom United Kingdom Jayne Goodrick
Details   Details
Lebanon Lebanon Jessica Khudeida
Details   Details
New Zealand New Zealand Liz  Emett
Details   Details
Malaysia Malaysia MA Instructors
Details   Details
Malaysia Malaysia Toh Kong Eu
Details   Details
Russian Federation Russian Federation Vladimir Zakharov
Details   Details

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