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I really enjoyed attending the course and learn a lot from today’s session. Would like to continue my Feng Shui knowledge further. Thank you very much.

Lim Keong Ping , Malaysia

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Those student who wish to seek career guidance advice may contact us here.

  Why Study at the Mastery Academy?

Why Study at the Mastery Academy?

For thousands of years, Eastern knowledge has been passed from one generation to another through the system of discipleship. A venerated Master would accept suitable individuals at a young age as his disciples, and informally through the years, pass on his knowledge and skills to his disciples. His disciples in turn, would take on their own disciples, as a means to perpetuate knowledge or skills.

The Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics is the world's premier educational institution for Chinese Metaphysical Studies. The Academy offers a wide range and variety of courses, ensuring that students have the opportunity to pursue their preferred field of study and enabling existing practitioners and professionals to gain cross-disciplinary knowledge that complements their current field of practice.

Courses at the Mastery Academy have been carefully designed to ensure a comprehensive yet compact syllabus. The modular nature of the courses enables students to immediately begin to put their knowledge into practice while pursuing continued study of their field and complimentary fields. Students thus have the benefit of developing and gaining practical experience in tandem with the expansion and advancement of their theoretical knowledge.

Why Study at the Mastery Academy? Why Study at the Mastery Academy? Why Study at the Mastery Academy? Why Study at the Mastery Academy?

Students can also chose from a variety of study options, from a distance learning program, the Homestudy Series, that enables study at one's own pace or intensive foundation courses and compact lecture based courses, held in various cities around the world or by our certified instructors. The Academy's faculty and make-up is international in nature, thus ensuring that prospective students can attend courses at destinations nearest to their country of origin or with a certified Mastery Academy instructor in their home country.

The Academy provides 24x7 support to students through its Online Community, with a variety of tools, documents, forums and e-learning materials to help students stay at the forefront of research in their fields and gain invaluable assistance from peers and mentoring from their instructors.

The Mastery Academy: The preferred choice for practitioners and aspiring students of the art and science of Chinese Metaphysics.

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