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Very interesting and enjoyable. I hope to attend next Module.

George Colin Andrews, Australia

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Those student who wish to seek career guidance advice may contact us here.

  Donna Collins

Donna Collins
9130 Valley Chapel Lane
Tel: 214 352 5005
Mobile: 972 768 2608
Email Donna Collins

Donna Anderson Collins’ leap of faith to take a chance and change her career to teach and share her passion for Feng Shui turned out more than she bargained for. After focusing more than ten years of jet setting globally in the cosmetic and spa industry, she has carved a highly reputable niche for herself in the world of Chinese arts as a Feng Shui consultant and instructor.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany to prominent U.S. army officer Paul Anderson, namesake of the Anderson Flight Training Centre in Fort Eustis, Virginia, and wife Lois, Donna attended more than 19 schools on two continents, graduating from high school with honours. Collins modelled for Seventeen Magazine, Bonnie Bell Cosmetics, Woodard and Lothrop and performed at the Washington Cathedral and the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts for two Presidents all before the age of eighteen..

Collins received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, Art History and Religion, with special studies in Oriental Art under noted art historian Constance Armitage, from Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. In 1980, she was chosen to represent the state of North Carolina as a member of Pride of the Carolinas, a group honoured for contributing to the States’ creative and cultural heritage. Collins spent the next decade as a successful executive in the fashion, cosmetic and spa industries while pursuing Feng Shui studies on the side..

By the early 90’s, Collins’ desire to teach, create and share her passion for Feng Shui has led her to conduct Feng Shui classes and her client base soon grew to prestigious companies like Neiman Marcus, Escada, Stanley Korshak, The Dallas Museum of Art, Southwest Airlines, Oppenheimer, Merrill Lynch, Toni and Guy, La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant Chain and The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. .

A full-time consultant since 1996 and a Feng Shui instructor since 1997, Collins has also capitalised on her skills as a sculptor and internationally recognised ceramic designer for the Saudi Royal Family. She created her own jewellery line based on the principles of Feng Shui, called Feng Shui for the Body™ that utilises the five elements of Feng Shui. The collection has been showcased at Neiman Marcus, Lilly Dodson and Escada..

Despite a daunting schedule, Collins says her Feng Shui workshops, consultations, events, artwork and design projects, fill her with a heartfelt desire to pass the excitement and teachings on to others. She is a Licensed Instructor of Mastery Academy on Feng Shui Mastery Series Module 1 and Module 2, BaZi Mastery Series (Four Pillars of Destiny) Module 1.

Upcoming Courses by Donna Collins

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