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Informative & Useful! Great Course.

Chris Len Soo Chin , Malaysia

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  Xuan Kong Mastery Series™ Module Two A

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two A

What is Module 2A?

Xuan Kong Module 2A is an Advanced Methodologies Course that will expose students to the extremely advanced techniques and formulas based upon those that were used by the ancient masters, as derived from the classics.

It paves the way for students to specialize in the intelligent and strategic allocation of Qi, allowing them to literally manipulate Qi to assist in their life endeavours.

Irregular-shaped buildings or pieces of landform won't pose a problem any longer - Xuan Kong allows you to master the intricacies that dictate Qi flow. You will learn how to tap into the Qi circulating within a property or vicinity and how to use this existing Qi to benefit the occupants of a household or a workplace.

Course Highlights

This is to give you a general overview of the course content and structure:

 Four Factors
 Dragons refer to mountains and landforms. Qi is also retained by the Embraces that surround the left and right sides of a landform or structure, whereas Water focuses and activates the Qi that circulates within an area. Knowledge of Dragons, Embraces and Water, coupled with the ability to identify Meridian Spots, are the pre-requisites for a holistic and effective Xuan Kong assessment.
 Strength of Stars
  Strength of Stars
  5 Types of Qi
 Even experienced practitioners mistakenly construe Time as the factor that determines the strength of Stars. Yet if that were the case, would you be willing or able to wait 140 years for an out-of-timing Star, such as the #6 Star in present Period 8, to become auspicious? In actual fact, each Star has its own different phases of transformation. A Star can also be both in its Trapped and Prosperous stages simultaneously, and your instructor will share with you the factors that lead to such a scenario, and how to use Qi in identifying the phases of a star's transformation.
 Xuan Kong Analysis
 Mastery of Xuan Kong literally allows the skilled practitioner to indulge in a case-by-case, situational analysis of a specific problem, in order to recommend a pertinent solution. This can include getting a loved one to quit smoking, and even to remedying the deteriorating memory of a spouse! Students will learn how to use Star configurations in solving real-life problems.
  Combination of Ten
  Pearl & Parent String
  Fan Yin Fu Yin
 Contrary to popular belief, most Star Structures are in fact dormant. The trick lies in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each Structure, enabling us to use it for our specific purposes. Students will also be exposed to Repeat and Reverse Structures through the Fan Yin Fu Yin concept. Fan Yin and Fu Yin can also take the form of the 64 Hexagrams in the Outer Hexagram Rings in relation to the Xuan Kong star charts. You will also learn the many possible ways of Imprisoning Stars.
 House Gua
  Palaces Strength & Weaknesses
  Stars as Modifiers
 The House Gua section of Module 2A is derived from Master Kong Zhao Su's methodology; improvised and enhanced to suit present-day requirements and scenarios by Joey Yap. Put simply, every student and practitioner of Xuan Kong studies Stars, but not their diverse effects on the 9 Palaces. In Module 2A, you will learn how the strength of each Star varies, and how to manipulate the strength of each sector to amplify, absorb or exert the required influence on the pertinent stars. This part of Module 2A will acquaint you with the Strength and Quality of the 9 Palaces, in order that you may understand how each Palace exerts its unique influence on every Star. More importantly, you will also learn what to do with the information you derive from this particular ability.
 Role of Mountain & Water
  Mountain Formation
  Water Formation
 A Base Star, Facing Star and Sitting Star occupy each sector of a Flying Stars chart. It is a general misconception, however, that a Sitting Star is akin to a Mountain Star, and a Facing Star is akin to a Water Star. To be more correct, a Mountain Star and Water Star are as distinct from a Sitting Star and Facing Star. Mountain Star actually refers to the physical mountain (or contour) formations, while Water Star refers to water formations. Each Star differs in how it affects the Feng Shui of a house or property!
 Analyzing Star Combinations
  Star Attributes
  Star Combinations
  Strength & Timeliness
  Star Location
  Star Relation
 Star Combinations are the real triggers behind Xuan Kong charts. The attributes of each Star vary under different conditions, and this subsequently influences how Stars react to and combine with each other. By studying these relationships closely, we are able to present solutions and remedies to a broad spectrum of problems that plague households. This knowledge is detailed enough to literally allow skilled practitioners to only tap into the useful energies emanating from a certain Star, without having to utilize the Star's entire properties for a specific endeavour.
 Analyzing Health Issues
 Health is one of the foremost concerns on everyone's minds. Xuan Kong Feng Shui is indeed a potent tool that can be used to improve and maintain the health of the occupants of a household. Your instructor will share with you the key factors that need to be considered, before showing you how you can go about creating overall wellness for your loved ones - or clients.
 Advanced Xuan Kong Methodologies
  Castle Gate & Castle Gate Theory
  Purple White in relation to Career
  Life Palace Technique I
  Family Relation
  Counter-In & Counter-Out Principle
 Just in case you think that Castle Gate and the Castle Gate Theory are the same thing, don't! A lot of practitioners mistakenly perceive Castle Gate as a technique about 'stealing' Water (as Water is the activator of Qi). In fact, it is a reference to a special Water formation in Xuan Kong Feng Shui, intended to manipulate Qi flow to create wealth opportunities. As you can imagine, this technique is a highly sophisticated and much sought-after one. On the other hand, the Castle Gate Theory is actually the culmination of the contributions of various Xuan Kong masters over the ages.

As different Stars represent different career or business paths, it is important for students to know which stars augur well for a specific field, and which stars do not. In addition, knowledge of the Life Palace Technique actually allows a practitioner to use a Xuan Kong chart to analyze the Destiny of a person, in the same way as the purpose served by a BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) chart. By looking at a person's Xuan Kong Star and the related Life Palace, you will be able to literally read his or her life and destiny pretty much as you would a book!

The Counter-In and Counter-Out Principle basically ascertains the positions of Host and Guest in a scenario; for instance, an event organizer and his guests. Depending on the situation, Xuan Kong allows for roles and positions to be manipulated in such a way that the balance of the scales of life shift. All the methodologies and techniques taught in this last part of Module 2A are extremely practical, useful and applicable to real-life situations.

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two A Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two A Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two A Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two A

Who should attend?
 Individuals considering a career as a Feng Shui practitioner
 Existing practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Xuan Kong system
What are the pre-requisites?
 Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 1 (XKM1)
How will this course be conducted?
 This course is available in International Workshops and private Power Coaching classes. English is the language of instruction.
What are the textbooks required?
 Students will receive a copy of the Module 2A Workbook.
Course Recognition
 Upon completion of Xuan Kong Module 2A, you will receive a Module 2A certificate.
Online Community
 Our website also hosts an Online Community and Forum, which provides an interactive platform for practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange their views and propagate knowledge of classical Chinese Metaphysics.

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It's ever better course that I would ever have guess.

 Xuan Kong is more than great; it is a kind of jewel that I guess will give back as much or more that it asks.

 Joey's teaching is exactly adapted ie. deep and light, fundamental and fun, specific and spiritual.

Thanks for your generosity.
Sylvie Debeney (France)

Excellent course. Opened my mind, never knew there is so much to learn in Xuan Kong. Thank you for imparting these skills and knowledge to us. Looking forward to your Xuan Kong 2B.
David Tong Joo Leong (Singapore)

The course was amazing, professional, intensive, open mind, sense of humor, new ideas, top level and impressive. Thank you very much.
Sharona Poms, Greece

Great! You certainly know your subject. Keep up the good work. This course has been a great help.
Glynis Dinsdale (South Africa)

Thanks for such intense knowledge, new methods, ways of assessment. The course help to guide others and myself.
Anagha Bhagat (India)

A well-designed course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. All Feng Shui students should attend this course to complete their studies. Thank you Joey.
Helen Ong (Singapore)

No idea that Flying Stars can fly so far and so high. Xuan Kong is the ultimate knowledge that every practitioner should acquire! My doubts that Xuan Kong Mastery Series will be a repetition of Xuan Kong Homestudy was dispelled when I see our great master with students from four continents having a great time together! Thank you very much for all the wonderful moments.
Leonard Tham Wai Hoong (Malaysia)

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