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The course was made very enjoyable and easy to comprehend with the various examples and applications. Information provided was at increasing levels of sophistication vis-à-vis the study of environment, but the methods of teaching used by Joey made it simple to understand.

Preet Kahlon, India

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  Xuan Kong Mastery Series™ Module Two B

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two B

Rediscovering Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2B: Purple White with Joey Yap

The Xuan Kong Purple White Script is one of founding texts of Classical Feng Shui, and a central text for the practice and study of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui.
 Shrouded in obscurity for years because of its highly-sophisticated teachings, most Xuan Kong Flying Stars practitioners have only been exposed to one style of Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Why is this? Well, because most of the information that has thus far been disseminated from the Purple White Script has been gleaned from the Upper Scrolls of the text.
 However, the real secret to applying Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui lies in being adventurous and resourceful enough to interpret the teachings HIDDEN between the lines of both the Upper and Lower Scrolls of this text.

And that's exactly what Joey Yap will teach you in the Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2B: Purple White course.
 Combining his own professional expertise with years of research and study on this classical text, Joey Yap will show the techniques for interpretation that will set you apart from the average Xuan Kong Flying Stars Practitioner.
 Even one sentence from this text can take up to several hours of study and analysis. And that's exactly why you need a qualified instructor to guide you through the mysteries and puzzles of the text - to provide you with the clarity you need to become the most proficient practitioner you can be!

Some of the highlights of Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2B: Purple White:

 Purple White Fundamentals
 A brief refresher on the Fundamentals of Purple White study, including the He Tu, Luo Shu, Nine Stars, and Jia Zi.
 Purple White Nine Stars
 The concept of the Stars vs. Gua is explored in detail in this section of the course.
 Purple White Scripts Combinations
 Students will learn how to analyse the Star Combinations as denoted in the Purple White Script.
 Purple White Relationships
 The Counter-In and Counter-Out relationships are taught in detail, as well as the Out of Gua.
 Detailed Purple White Script Analysis
 Important concepts from the Purple White Script are explored, such as the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches Influence, the Period Master and House Master's Influence, 8 Mystical Doorways, and the 9 Stars Flying and Replacement Methods: Year Replace Year, Month Replace Month, Floor Replace Palace, and Entrance Replace Rooms.
 Joey Yap's Purple White Divination
 In this special section, students will learn the Joey Yap method of Purple White Divination.

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two B Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two B Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two B Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module Two B

Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is suitable for Feng Shui and Xuan Kong practitioners, as well as enthusiasts of the subject matter who already have a good working knowledge of Feng Shui. This is an advanced level course that requires previous knowledge in the subject matter.

To further your studies, the next step after Xuan Kong Mastery Series Module 2B: Purple White is the Xuan Kong Da Gua course taught by Joey Yap. Here, Joey will teach his specialised closed-door techniques and trade secrets - the methods that separate the winners from the losers. And you know that you're more than ready to take up the challenge!

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