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Thank you for an excellent course. As usual, you have always live up to our expectation, if not higher.Course materials were in-depth and definitely application based. Quality of materials rooted and reiterated well. I am sure we will not find another school willing to share the real art of BaZi readings.

T K Lee, Singapore

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  Xuan Kong Mastery Series™ Module One

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One

What is Module 1?

Module 1 of Xuan Kong Mastery Series allows students to take their introductory steps into the captivating world of this potent and powerful science. While Classical Feng Shui is always about the study of Location and Direction, Xuan Kong factors in the concept of Time into the equation as well.

Students are taught the origins and fundamentals of Xuan Kong beyond the expected Flying Stars component. While Flying Stars is an important aspect of Xuan Kong, it only constitutes approximately 10%, at most, of the wide-ranging and exhaustive Xuan Kong knowledge.

The scope of Module 1 ranges from a thorough but easy-to-understand Introduction to Xuan Kong, where students are informed about Xuan Kong's origins in ancient Feng Shui texts. Emphasis is also placed on Numerology (Xuan Kong and He Tu), and the Time Cycle. Xuan Kong case studies round up the Module 1, allowing students to get a personal, hands-on glimpse under the expert guidance of their instructor.

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One

Course Highlights

This is to give you a general overview of the course content and structure:

 Xuan Kong Origins
Knowledge of the history and evolution of the Xuan Kong System's entire spectrum requires an understanding of the precepts and fundamentals behind each subsystem within. Grandmasters such as Jiang Da Hong, Zhang Zhong Shan, Shen Zhu Reng, Kong Zhao Su and Tan Yang Wu - and their works - are discussed at this juncture.
 Xuan Kong Fundamental Principles
  The Five Elements Theory
 This is at an advanced level, where your instructor will assume that you are more than familiar with how the 5 Elements interact with each other. Here you will learn which element produces faster than its counterparts, and under which conditions an element will or will not produce. In short, you will learn how Qi is used to enhance Qi. An in-depth knowledge of the 5 Elements is crucial if you actually wish to apply the 'predictive' aspects of Xuan Kong Feng Shui effectively as a practitioner.
 Xuan Kong Numerology
  He Tu
  Luo Shu
 Numerology refers to the usage of numbers to represent phenomena and Star attributes. 3 variables come into play here; namely Time, Space and Events. Students will learn how to use Numerology to decipher Gua and understand Qi.
 Ba Gua
  Formation of the Ba Gua
  Derivation of Stems & Branches from Ba Gua
  Early & Later Heaven Arrangement
 As there are 9 Stars and only 8 Trigrams, the Ba Gua's formation may change when it is used with the 9 Stars. By gaining elevated insights into the various combinations of Flying Stars, students are now exposed to the forecasting aspects of Xuan Kong Feng Shui.
 Time Cycle
 Qi patterns change in relation to Time. To accurately analyze and predict future events, we need to first identify the time cycles concerned. There are 2 types of time cycles in Xuan Kong: San Yuan Jiu Yun (3 Cycles 9 Periods) and Er Yuan Ba Yun (2 Cycles 8 Periods). Both are equally important to Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioners, as they must know when the calculations for each cycle must be used.
 The Concept of Xuan Kong
 This is the very nucleus of Xuan Kong Feng Shui - how Xuan Kong is used to predict the outcome of events happening to occupants within a household, by virtue of them living inside that house. In fact, this is the very essence of the Zhai Duan (House Judgment) classic written by Grandmaster Zhang Zhong Shan in the 19th century. So profound was the applicability and influence of the Zhai Duan, that the latter day Grandmaster Shen Zhu Reng used it as the main reference for his classic, Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue.
 Xuan Kong External Factors
  Landform Structure
  Building Structure
 Classical Feng Shui evaluates landforms and properties from the outside in, meaning external features are first evaluated before a building's interior is assessed. Here, students will learn about the Body and Application (i.e. the Early and Later Heaven relationship) in Xuan Kong that will enable them to audit landforms and properties.
 Xuan Kong Star Components
  San Yuan 9 Periods
  Strength of Stars
  Sitting vs. Facing Stars
  The 24 Mountains Plate
  Earth Plate vs. Heaven Plate
  The Nine Stars
 One of Xuan Kong's greatest yet hidden strengths lies in its ability to allow practitioners to skillfully invert negative or inauspicious stars into positive ones. By this, we are talking about converting negative Qi into positive Qi. For instance, we are now in Period 8, with Stars #2 and #3 considered inauspicious. A period is equivalent to 20 years of the Gregorian calendar. It would be unfeasible and impractical to 'wait out' the ill effects of such stars over the next 20 years (or longer)! This is where Xuan Kong comes in handy, indeed. Students can look forward to learning how to convert out-of-timing, inauspicious stars into positive stars!
 He Tu Numerology
  He Tu Period Luck
  He Tu Floor Calculation
 Xuan Kong Feng Shui is also versatile enough to be applied to multiple-storied buildings. This is because even if every floor within the same building were to share the same Flying Stars chart, the elemental and time-related aspects of each floor are unique, and must hence be considered on its own merits. A He Tu model allows the practitioner to understand the vertical Qi structure of a building, in carrying out his or her assessment.
 Xuan Kong Structures
  Four Major Structures of Xuan Kong
  Changing the Heavenly Heart
 Each direction bears with it a different structure. Given that Xuan Kong structures are the result of several different combinations, it will not be possible to identify these structures unless you group them first.
 Xuan Kong Qi Factor
  Nine Stars as Deities
  Stems & Branches
  Ba Gua Essentials
 This is widely regarded as the 4th dimension by Xuan Kong practitioners, which allows us to predict events before they take place. The element of Time is brought into the equation, with the Nine Stars, Stems and Branches.
 The Reference Point
  Palace vs. Ba Gua
  Palace vs. Direction
 As the reference point changes, so does the direction. As classical Feng Shui is all about establishing directions vis-à-vis location, it is important for students to learn this aspect, first.
 Xuan Kong Star Combinations
  Flying Star Combinations
 Different people use the same room to different effects and outcomes. By understanding the Star Combinations, we are able to identify the individual's Gua as a Star, and analyze it accordingly. This allows us to match occupants to sectors of the house suitable for their endeavors. Your instructor will talk about triple, quadruple etc. star combinations, and their various effects.
 Xuan Kong Water
  Four Types of Water Explanation
   Cui (Advancement)
   Chiew (Shining Water)
 Water is one of the most important elements required to stimulate Yang Qi within a property. Turning negative Qi into positive Qi is another feat that can be accomplished with advanced Xuan Kong Feng Shui - it is merely a matter of identifying the type of water Feng Shui required.
 Xuan Kong Cyclical Afflictions
  Annual & Monthly Stars
  Tai Sui
  San Sha
  Remedies: Great Sun Formula
 How do you remedy or negate the ill effects of negative Qi and inauspicious stars? This section of Module 1 will show you how!
 Xuan Kong Case Studies
 Nothing serves as well as experience, and your instructor will be guiding you on a few specially selected case studies, where the content of the Module 2A syllabus comes into play. All these, and much more will be shared with you in the duration of your classroom session!

Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One Xuan Kong Mastery Series™  Module One

Who should attend?
 Feng Shui, Xuan Kong, and Yi Jing enthusiasts
 Individuals considering a career as a Feng Shui practitioner
 Existing practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Xuan Kong system
What are the pre-requisites?
 Feng Shui Mastery Series Modules 1 and 2 (FSM1 and FSM2) or
 Practitioners of Xuan Kong Feng Shui who possess at least 12 months' experience in this particular field
How will this course be conducted?
 This course is available through international workshops and private power coaching classes. English is the language of instruction.
What are the textbooks required?
 Students will receive a copy of the Xuan Kong Module 1 workbook.
Course Recognition
 Upon completion of Xuan Kong Module 1, you will receive a Module 1 certificate.
Online Community
 Our website also hosts an Online Community and Forum, which provides an interactive platform for practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange their views and propagate knowledge of classical Chinese Metaphysics.

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Joey, you are simply too good. Please keep it up! Thanks a lot.
Paresh Jain (India)

As you teach, more and more aspects of Feng Shui become obvious. Thank you.
Shantaram Kamath (India)

Enjoyable and easy to understand.
Yap Teck Huat (Singapore)

Thank you for sharing your "secret" knowledge with us. Thank you for sharing your teaching method so quickly to European teaching. I am looking much forward to complete my studies in Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysic.
Claudia Guenther (Germany)

It was a life changing experience! I am looking forward to continue my advanced studies with your great guidance on an exciting journey in the future. Thank you so much.
Patrick Dobler de Souza (Germany)

It was very interesting and I had a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to Module 2.
Marion Hinderer (Germany)

I just want to tell you, that I was really impressed by the kind of presentation Xuan Kong 1 in Frankfurt last weekend.

Thank you very much, I had so much pleasure, that I know, the only way by learning more, will be in your lessons and no more longer with the german presentations.I hope that one day I will have some much knowledge that I can present some people a little bit of your knowledge, whenever a germanperson never had the expression, like you. So have a nice day, and I hope that you will soon come to Munich.
Sabine Hertel (Germany)

Have really enjoyed the theory you have taught us thus far. Your teachings have been very stimulating, refreshing, stretching my mind to new limits. Your information or Xuan Kong is very good and practical and will be very helpful in accessing situations from multiple perspectives.
Sharon Li Green (South Africa)

Thank you so much for you and your team. It was a high level of learning. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Berlin. Hope to see you again.
Siri Hollenberg (Germany)

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