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Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping
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It was a unique experience for me to follow this course. It is a new approach that is very interesting and unique. This course taught us to think freely and clearly. Thank you for the course Joey.

Ioulia Zissopoulou, Greece

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Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping

Feng Shui Mastery Series™ Module One

What is Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping?

Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping is a foundation course designed to provide students with the knowledge of fundamental Feng Shui theories. Students will be taught the four key concepts around which classical Feng Shui revolves - Foundation, Forms, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars.

With this level of understanding, students will graduate to the level of practitioner by the end of the module, and be able to apply all that they have learnt to actual situations and confidently undertake a full-scale Feng Shui audit of a property.

Students can expect course content that is compact and intensive, taught via a direct and simple manner by the instructor. Interest and energy is kept high as personal experiences and case studies are used as tools to facilitate instruction and learning.

Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One

What is Feng Shui?

This is to give you a general overview of the course content and structure, along with what to expect for each particular segment.

Understanding Classical Feng Shui
 The Universe and the Tao of the Earth
 The Yi Jing and Ba Gua
 Classical Feng Shui and New Age Feng Shui - Understanding the Difference
 The Different Schools and Systems of Feng Shui
 An Introduction to Luan Tou and Li Qi
 The Essence of Qi - The Concept of Qi, and Qi being the core of Feng Shui
 The Principles of Yin and Yang, using Yin and Yang to maximize the power of the Five Elements - an Intensive and Comprehensive Understanding
 Understanding the Five Elements (or Five Phases of Energy) and how they relate to Feng Shui

The Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams)
 An Introduction to the Trigram Attributes
 The Scientific and Symbolic Language of the Trigrams
 The Use of Trigrams in Feng Shui
 He Tu and Luo Shu numerical Formations
 Early Heaven vs. Later Heaven: Combinations in Ba Gua
 An Introduction to the Stems and Branches
 An Introduction to Compass Measurements

The 6 Factors in Feng Shui
 The Key Factors in Feng Shui readings
 Directions, Locations and Influences of Qi
 Practical Application of the 6 Factors
 Learn to recognize beneficial environmental features
 Discover how to avoid negative features in your landform

Different Systems of Classical Feng Shui
 An Introduction to the different schools of Classical Feng Shui - San Yuan and San He
 Understanding conflicting theories and reconciling them
 Derive an Appreciation of the different Strengths and Weaknesses of different theories
 Learn to apply different systems appropriately

Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) Feng Shui
 Favorable and Unfavorable Qi in Ba Zhai
 Residents vs. the House
 Wealth, Health, Relationship and Academic Luck
 Personal Directions, Calculations and Applications

Flying Stars Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
 An Introduction to 3 Cycles and 9 Periods, and the Time Dimension of Feng Shui
 Plotting Charts
 Understanding Flying Star Combinations
 The Five Elements and Flying Stars, and How to Remedy and Enhance Flying Stars
 Special Structures and Flying Stars
 Facing and Sitting Stars
 Integrating Forms with Facing and Sitting Stars
 Period 8 Feng Shui
 Activating Wealth, Improving Wealth and Fostering Better Relationships using Flying Stars
 Feng Shui Application using both Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) and Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars)

Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One Feng Shui Mastery Series™  Module One

Who should attend?
 Feng Shui enthusiasts
 Individuals considering a career as a Feng Shui practitioner
 Existing practitioners who wish to gain professional certification or strengthen their theoretical base
What are the pre-requisites?
 None, except a genuine interest in the subject and an open mind.
How will this course be conducted?
 This course is available through international workshops and private power coaching classes. English is the language of instruction.
What are the textbooks required?
 Students will receive a copy of the Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping workbook, which is well over 80 pages.
Course Recognition
 Upon completion of Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping, you will receive a Feng Shui Mastery: Qi Mapping certificate.
Online Community
 Our website also hosts an Online Community and Forum, which provides an interactive platform for practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange their views and propagate knowledge of classical Chinese Metaphysics.
Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Lesson Based Learning
Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Courses Recorded Live! Live Recorded Courses
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This has been a fabulous class. I enjoyed your teaching style, how you managed to impart a mountain of valuable information using humor and clarity in lay- terms, which left no doubt as to the meaning. You created a comfortable and relaxed teaching environment which encouraged student participation and accelerated learning. I especially enjoyed and benefited from the activities, which promoted speaking out and having a go. Really appreciated the presentation and improvement chart. Thanks for a great mastery series.
Heni Hyland (New Zealand)

Thank you for a very interesting and enlightening session. The light at the end of the tunnel has certainly become much brighter. Certainly has expedited the learning process. I am looking forward to put in practice the knowledge gained.
Chiang Kooi Fong (Malaysia)

I enjoyed your course very much even though I do not speak English. I like it anyways. I will keep practicing. Wonderful class. Thank you for your time and sharing the information with us.
Emigdio Espinosa (Mexico)

Thank you Joey. The best course I have attended, lots of information, good atmosphere. What more could we ask for. Well-done and best.
Christine Park (South Africa)

Thanks heaven for getting me the opportunity to listen to you. It is amazing, how you can get so much information in such short time. I'll need years for learning and understanding what you gave us. Thank you very much.
Daniela Gerono (Germany)

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