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Thank you very much. I always enjoy your courses. Hope to see you again.

Zhaneta Alyapina, Russian Federation

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Seeking the Fortune Face

Seeking the Fortune Face

Some of us grew up with parents telling - or even nagging - us to get a good paper qualification to help secure a decent-paying job. For many of us, being successful in life means being rich.

In recent years self-made businessmen have found fortune and fame while barely out of university. This has made the lure of being successful and young even stronger in today's materialistic society. Our aspiration to become millionaires is further fueled by various TV reality shows produced all over the world centering on this one theme.

So, you, too, want to be a millionaire? You may already know that it is doable but it will require high achievement to be one. Do you also know if you have the looks for it? In other words, what kind of earning potential, wealth capacity and luck outlook does your face show?

It is definitely desirable to have wide nostrils and a well-formed nose like Oprah Winfrey's. These demonstrate an ability to generate wealth from multiple sources. Testifying to Oprah's ability is the empire that she has built, spanning magazines and a television talk show that is aired in over 100 countries worldwide. She is also highly ranked in Forbes magazine and rated as one of the most powerful women in the world.

J.K. Rowling, the British author who hit the jackpot with her Harry Potter series, has a similar nose. In addition, her Phoenix eyes - eyes with both the tips tilting upwards and the corners tilting downwards - reflect a very sharp mind and excellent money-making opportunities from the age of 35 onwards. Rowling's Wood-shaped face supports creative endeavors, but her entrepreneurial features are more dominant, thus suggesting she is a smart businesswoman.

A rounded and fleshy nose head with well-defined nose wings also shows an ability to store wealth like Dato' Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes. Popularly known as Tony Fernandes, this Malaysian CEO has succeeded in creating several firsts in Asia. His most notable achievement is growing his budget carrier AirAsia within a decade to become the largest low-cost operator in Southeast Asia.

Wealth can be created in many ways. A broad and protruding forehead is indicative of a person who can make his wealth from clients of high status and famous reputation. One fine example is Dato' Jimmy Choo, the Malaysian shoe couturier who has struck it rich abroad.

Being the CEO of a successful enterprise involves controlling and overseeing a large organization. Therefore, it will serve a CEO well to have a broad, long chin that protrudes up slightly like Jack Welch's. An exceptionally good chin also denotes the ability to bring out the best in quality staff. Named 'Manager of the Century' in 1999 by Fortune magazine, Welch is renowned as one of the world's longest-serving CEOs and for reinventing the corporate giant GE (General Electric).

If you have been scrutinizing your own face and the comparison is not too favorable, do not lose hope. Your facial features, including color, texture and blemishes, can change with age and experience. As such, practicing the Chinese art of Face Reading can help you determine your luck outlook at different points in time and also teach you how to change your heart (your will power, insight and perspective) to change your face! Believe it or not, that, too, is doable because the face never lies.

Sherwin Ng
MA Instructor

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