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The key to success in life lies in knowing WHO you are, and WHAT you need to do to get the results you want. Joey Yap’s Design Your Destiny is a programme specially created to help you go from Good to Great!

BaZi (Chinese Astrology) has long been regarded as a highly accurate but sophisticated system of Character and Destiny analysis. The Design Your Destiny Programme is about BaZi Personality Profiling.

Joey Yap has come up with a revolutionary NEW and EASY method to convey the high level techniques of BaZi that can be applied by anyone.

This simplified process has made the application of BaZi as easy as looking at the 10 PROFILES. By finding out your Profile and following the ROLE MODELS of those successful people who have similar Profiles … you TOO can achieve success!

Discover your own success by following successful role models’ path and making it your own.

"It is amazing to see a passionate and successful Joey, who keep on inspiring others. I like the quote "Clarity is the Power". You help us to clarify our life to design our path. Through this course, finally, I understand why I behave differently in different situation. Your system is really great. Good job and keep it up!" – Zoe Toh, Singapore.

Is your Profile The Entrepreneur similar to software tycoon Bill Gates?

Or is your path to success a Super Manager like CEO Steve Ballmer?

Once you find out which profile you belong to, you will be able learn the traits and imitate their path and build great success in your life.

  • BaZi personality profiling has been used in the workplace to help employers match employees to suitable job roles and tasks.

    • It’s used to observe and analyse how an employee behaves and responds in certain situations and circumstances.

    • It is also meant to help colleagues and team members better understand each other.

  • BaZi helps you to determine a person’s personality, temperament and behaviour in life. It helps people find the right ‘fit’ in all areas of life – career, wealth, relationships, and health.

The Design Your Destiny programme is unique because it’s effective, and fuses traditional principles with modern applications.

The programme aims to help you delve deeper into yourself… so that you can flourish in the external world and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.