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Very good and clear explanation. Thank you.

Lim Yew Boon, Singapore
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Why AUSPICIOUS DATES Vary in Effectiveness

Why AUSPICIOUS DATES Vary in Effectiveness

By now, you probably have been following, learning and practicing Chinese Metaphysics to a degree that you are aware of the importance of the science of ZeRi or Date Selection. Date Selection is a crucial concept in influencing not only the outcomes of our key endeavors in life but also the activation of Feng Shui implementation and changes.

Therefore, in the very least, you probably have referred to auspicious dates in the Tong Shu and have been trying to time your important events to coincide with these auspicious dates. However, you may have noticed that in your application of Date Selection that some dates have produced better results than others. Such discrepancies may have been glaringly obvious at times and minimal on other occasions.

So, now you might be asking: "What's the reason for the discrepancies and what's next (so to speak) when it comes to Date Selection?"

The key is in understanding that the effectiveness of any particular auspicious date is related to how it is related to your personal DNA or Destiny Code (one format of which is of course your full BaZi chart). Any date that is considered auspicious (by criteria such as Gods/Killings, 12 Day Officers, Yellow and Black Belt Path, etc.) needs to somehow relate to your personal Destiny Code in order for it to be utilized effectively. In other words, the auspicious date needs to be 'wired' and connected to your own astrological make-up!

If we take a look at this from a BaZi perspective, this means that the BaZi of the day has to have a relation to your own BaZi. An example of this occurrence is through the Heavenly Stem or Earthly Branch combination. When a date in question combines with any part of your chart, then you are 'connected' to the date and are in a position to receive the benefits of any, some or all of the day's auspiciousness (or detrimental effects in the case of an inauspicious date). Just how effective this connection is will require further study as we need to examine the objective of the usage of the date, which BaZi pillar is affected, and so on.

And since we're on the subject of BaZi, here's another guideline. The 10 Gods - a factor or an element associated with the main objective of your choosing that particular date - also needs to be present. A good example is the wealth element. Let's say that you need to choose a date to start a business venture. Since the prime objective of opening any kind of business venture is profit, the wealth element has to be present on the auspicious date in order to be effective.

In the straightforward case of a sole proprietorship, the wealth element of the business owner's Day Master must be present either in the date itself or resulting from the interaction of the particular date with the owner's BaZi. Therefore, if we're talking about a Fire Day Master, then we need to look for the metal element to be present (either directly or indirectly), and for a Wood Day Master, the earth element, and so on.

Toh Kong Eu
MA Instructor

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