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Very good and interesting. Informative.

Candice Lai May Leng , Malaysia

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The Right Fit for Every Person

The Right Fit for Every Person

As we know, our survival and livelihood in the modern age that we belong to largely depend on not just our own efforts but also our innate skills and talents. While the right attitude, hard work and training are crucial in determining the success of our professional lives, we cannot deny that we all have different in-born strengths and thus, we cannot be good at everything that we do.

Oftentimes, we find that we are unhappy or dissatisfied with our jobs. We all have our bouts when our career does not develop or grow as quickly as we would like, but when this is a long-term situation, then it is likely due to a mismatch between our talents and the career we have embarked upon.

This is why it is extremely practical to turn to BaZi for help. Our BaZi does not only tell us about the circumstances within our lives but more importantly, our key characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. On a practical level such as our livelihood, BaZi can determine and confirm for us very accurately how we should use our innate skills and talents to make us as successful as possible in our careers or businesses.

Take for instance the Ding fire Day Master. Such a person is usually good at convincing and persuading others. The Ding fire person can build his or her case supported by key facts and figures and as such, has good selling skills. Ding fire people not only make good salespeople, but we can also extend this to positions and careers that require constant pitching whether internally within a company or to external clients.

The Yi wood personality needs to work with others and to make use of his or her contacts. The Yi Day Master needs a social network that is as wide as possible. He or she will find that networking efforts will often result in having useful and helpful contacts. These helpful people can then be a source of crucial information and support to the Yi Day Master. Keep in mind that we should not view such leveraging as negative. After all, in leveraging, oftentimes the talents of those "surrounding" the Yi wood male or female will be unearthed and valued by other people as well.

The Geng person, on the other hand, is the ultimate doer! Trust the Geng personality to get the job done. The Geng Day Master usually does not believe in resting on his or her laurels and is efficient in taking action. As such, the Geng person should not be in a career that only deals with planning, strategy or analysis work. He or she is suited to a job or career that involves hands-on action and requires swift execution!

After all, each Day Master has a particular function to play in human society. Of course, this is just the starting point when it comes to profiling. Our full BaZi chart will tell the rest of the story. The key concept is when we do what we are naturally good at, we will already have won half the battle. And this makes all the difference when it comes to triumphing in the rat race or dog-eat-dog business world that we thrive in!

All the best for the year ahead!

Toh Kong Eu
MA Instructor

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