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Looks like I have learnt more this time around! M3 is really a course to attend in pursuit of Feng Shui advancement.

Annie Yap, Singapore

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Date Selection for Attending Job Interviews

For most people in the world of employment, the first step towards obtaining that dream job is in acing the job interview. Besides having the support of a good resume (and previous relevant work experience), making a good impression is what really counts during the job interview process. This is where the relevant parties from the employer's side size up the candidate in a single interview or series of interviews.

In our day and age, things of course have become very competitive. What better way to improve one's chances of clinching that dream job than to employ Date Selection methods? Selecting a good date for the interview, where possible, can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Let's take the example of Rebecca who is applying for a job as a Personal Assistant. We first need to filter out dates that clash with her Year Branch -- that is the animal sign of her year of birth. Let's say Rebecca is born in the year of the Rat. The clash dates are then days of the Horse, which are her Personal Breaker days.

Assuming Rebecca is applying for the job currently, she should also avoid choosing any Snake days, as these are the Month Breakers days within this month of the Pig. And since we're talking about "Breakers" in general, we should also avoid using the Day Breaker hour for the day that we have chosen. For example, if the day of the interview is an Ox day, then we have to avoid the Goat hour, which is the Day Breaker hour.

In addition, if possible, Rebecca should also avoid the Monthly Three Killings days. In this month of the Pig, the Monthly Three Killings days are Monkey, Rooster and Dog days. In terms of the Dong Gong 12 Officer Date Selection method, Rebecca should choose a Success, Stable or Receive Day for her interview.

And here are the more crucial aspects...since the job interview entails getting support and approval, an excellent strategy will be to employ the Noblemen days. These can be in the form of the Monthly Virtue Star that appears on Jia days and/or the Heavenly Virtue Star that appears on Yi days - during the Pig month.

Lastly, to seriously optimise the Date Selection, Rebecca should personalize the day to suit her BaZi chart. In short, she should try hard to choose her personal Noblemen day (as obtaining assistance is a top priority) and where possible, a day where her Wealth, Officer and Resource Stars are present.

Yes, I realize getting it all together is quite a challenge, but this can make all the difference!

Toh Kong Eu
MA Cosultant

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