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This is the course that will now make me want to apply BaZi and further my studies. Thank you for the greater understanding of the 5 elements.

Marcia Small, Canada

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  BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four

BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four

What is Module 4?

BaZi Module 4 is the final module in the BaZi Mastery Series and as such, is the most in-depth and intense of all four modules. Module 3 had already given students a taste of the more advanced practitioner level of BaZi study, and Module 4 completes that while summing up the entire Series as a whole.

Module 4 varies slightly from its predecessors in the sense that it gives students an immersion into some of the fundamental ancient classics of BaZi. This gives them an opportunity to sharpen critical and structural reading skills while building up proficiency in theories and principles that have foundations in centuries-old classical texts.

This module also provides a chance for students to perform more sophisticated analyses using classical methodologies, as well specific BaZi Date Selection methods. At the end of Module 4, students are considered qualified BaZi practitioners and graduate with a Diploma certificate - and have the choice of pursuing BaZi practice at a professional level if they wish to.

BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four BaZi Mastery Series™ Module Four

Course Structure

 Theories and Concepts
  60 Jia Zi Strength
  60 Jia Zi Five Element Character
  60 Jia Zi Relationship Table
  60 Jia Zi Na Yin
  Special Shen Sha Days
  Extraordinary Structures
   Internal 18 Structures
   External 18 Structures
  Special Shen Sha Configurations
 Ancient Classics
  Qiong Tong Bao Jian
  Day Master in Different Seasons
  Summary of Day Masters' Likes and Dislikes in Different Seasons
  The How Do You Know song - BaZi Codes
 Advanced Analysis Methodology
  Advanced 10 Gods Analysis
  Advanced Analysis Techniques
   Positioning the 10 Gods
   Quantity of the Gods
  Advanced Useful Gods Principles
  Useful God Co-Dependency Principle
 BaZi Date Selection
  The 12 Day Deities
  Dong Gong Date Selection Method
  The Month's 3 Killings
  5 Do Not Meet Hour
  Nobleman Rising to Heaven Hour
  Caesarian Birth Calculation
 Bonus Material

Who should attend?
 Students who are serious about acquiring true skills in BaZi, and well as interested in delving deeper in the study of BaZi
 BaZi practitioners seeking to add more to their repertoire of skills
What are the pre-requisites?
 BaZi Mastery Series Module Three from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.
How will this course be conducted?
 This course is available through international workshops and private power coaching classes. English is the language of instruction.
What are the textbooks required?
 Students will receive a copy of the BaZi Module Four workbook.
Course Recognition
 Upon completion of BaZi Module 4, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Those who wish to be certified can take on an optional examination which is conducted during the course. Upon successfully passing this examination, you will graduate with a BaZi Mastery Diploma. Those who excel in the examinations will be awarded a BaZi Mastery Diploma (with Distinction).
Online Community
 Our website also hosts an Online Community and Forum, which provides an interactive platform for practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange their views and propagate knowledge of classical Chinese Metaphysics.

Check out for BaZi Mastery Series™ Module 4. ACADEMIC CALENDER

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