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Feeling great!

Thanks for your great effort in bringing all these important facts into a practical, readable form.

Thank you also for the convenient and logical way of presenting these wisdoms to us.

Gunther Werkl, Austria

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Positive Sertors

Based on the Annual and Monthly flying star charts for the month of August, the best sectors are the Southeast and Northwest sectors:

  • Gua #4 persons will reap the best benefits of having a Northwest door. The 1-9 combination here denotes successful negotiations, partnerships, and business projects. Even though wealth luck may not be apparent, networking and building connections is the way to go. Gui Water people should capitalize on this sector.

  • The 8-7 combination in the Southeast is the money-maker of the month, especially if you have natural external water. This star combination is an extra booster to those in the speaking and consulting industry. Day Masters Jia Wood and Ji Earth will be able to reap maximum wealth benefits from this sector.

Negative Sectors
Occupants of buildings that oversee a West-side external water like a swimming pool, should guard against slander and miscommunication. Beware when signing contracts - comb through the fine-prints. This is especially true for Gua #1 persons using the West sector. However, if there is a hill to the West, Gua #8 people can reap profits through partnerships.

Bing Fire people are prone to mild legal hassles due to technical oversights. Ren Water Day Masters should avoid using the West sector altogether, as this will cause further depression.

The North sector houses the star 4-5 this month. When matched with an external 'Wind Gap' sha, this can denote a stroke occurring to the occupants, especially to Gua #7 persons. Geng Metal Day Masters should also avoid using the North sector too often, which can cause further health complications like food poisoning. Be careful what you eat.

Ding Fire Day Masters, as well as Gua #3 persons, using the Southwest sector will face problems with superiors. No point charging with a hothead. Take a step back and cool down before proceeding with discussions. As with the 6-7 combination in the East sector, take extra care not to be involved in fights or arguments.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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