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Like all your other courses, this one was excellent too and like all other courses, this has cleared my (understanding of the concepts. Thank you very much.

Srinivas Kamath, United Kingdom

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Double Star Combinations in July

In the system of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, one of its key usages comes from the ‘9 Stars’ - each with its own unique name and function:

The three ‘White Stars’ #1, #6, and #8 are the general positive Stars: #1 governs nobility, #6 governs power, and #8 governs wealth.

The most feared Star is the #5 Yellow, known for bringing mishaps and illness once activated (either by renovation or by long-term exposure). This is followed by the illness Star #2 Black, the Robbery Star #7 Red, and the Argument Star #3 Jade.

Each of these Stars can meet to form combinations as well, bringing more diverse results.

How does the month of July fare this year? The monthly stars are the same with the annual stars - which means all positive effects are doubled. All the negative effects are also doubled. The intensity of these effects, of course, depends a lot on your external forms.

Watch out if you have a North sector door or bedroom - go for a holiday. Use this sector as little as possible. Do not sign your contracts here. Remember, less exposure time means less chance for committing mistakes! The #5 being an Earth Star is also strongest now in July, the Goat month. Do not activate this sector by renovating or even nailing here. Once activated, mishaps will normally occur within 3 to 7 days. People are often curious as to what ‘mishaps’ mean. Common mishaps are car accidents, suffering from a fall, or injuries that require hospitalization. In some cases, there can be immense financial losses instead.

The double #8’s in the Southeast (SE) sector again brings potential for wealth - but don’t expect quick gains or money through liquidation. Earth in summer tends to harden. Look toward consolidating finances and increasing internal stability instead, if your main door is in the SE. If there is a hill to the SE, then the positive effects of the #8 will not be seen. There is too much Earth and as such, everything is buried and hidden. You should be looking at old unresolved issues coming back from the dead to haunt you now.

When Earth is too thick, it requires Water to moisten. As such, a natural lake here would bring out the maximum wealth potential of the #8 White.

The repeating #2’s in the West palace, another Earth element Star, brings about additional stomach and skin-related problems. The only exception to this is when there is a visible hill or mountain to the West. Then the double #2’s is able to generate immense wealth from property-related ventures. How so? The #2 Black belongs to the element of Yin Earth - soft, fertile soil. It generally causes illness because soil contaminates water, resulting in viral/bacteria attacks. On the other hand, this is also the kind of Earth that can produce minerals and grow plants. As such, a nice green hill in the West would bring out the positive wealth-generating aspect of the #2 Black.

If you’re thinking that the month of the Goat will enhance the positive effects of the double #6’s - think again. While Earth (Goat) supports Metal (#6 White), too much Earth buries it instead. (Did you also notice that the #6 is already in the Southwest (SW) palace - an Earth palace?). This month sees a deadlock in authority if you have your office in this sector. Old rules will not work. Try something new and out-of-the-box. What’s the exception? A body of natural water in the SW external area. Water softens the Earth and makes the Metal shine.

There are multiple factors to consider when reading Xuan Kong Star Combinations. First there is the individual nature of each of the 9 Stars, and how they interact. Then we look at the external landforms to determine the quality of these stars. To further ‘read’ the outcome of star interactions we can also consider the Palace the Stars reside in, as well as the Season, and the occupants involved.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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