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Very good summary at the end and gives overall clarity to the module

Albert Tay Thiam Kee, Singapore

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Feng Shui for Mothers - May 8 is Mother's Day

Feng Shui for Mothers
May 8 is Mother's Day

"When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." Sophia Loren

Mothers always want the best for their child. They want to nourish their children well so they stay healthy and shield them away from harm. They also want their own flesh-and-blood to grow, find happiness and success in life.

So it is only natural that mothers want to see their school-going children excel in their studies. In such case, mothers may want to consider using Feng Shui to tap in the auspicious Qi of their home to boost their child's success in their scholarly pursuits.

The Academic Sectors for this year's Flying Stars Feng Shui is Southwest and Northeast, where the #4 Green and #1 White Stars appear in these sectors respectively. To activate these stars, children should actively use these sectors often to derive the benefit of positive Qi from these directions. If their bedrooms are not located in these sectors, they can use the rooms located here to study.

Aside from enhancing the chances of success in a child's studies, Feng Shui can also be utilized for women who are keen to approach motherhood.

For women looking to conceive this year, it would be good to tap on the West direction. The West, with the #9 Purple Star residing here for the year, signifies new beginnings and general happy events. So if you and your spouse plan to start a family, use this sector at home more often this year.

As Classical Feng Shui does not practice object placements or the "put theory" as commonly emphasized in Popular or New Age Feng Shui, placing symbols and pictures that represent fertility and children anywhere in the bedroom - or the house, for that matter - to increase the chances of conceiving has no meaning or purpose in Classical Feng Shui. These objects carry no Qi in them nor can it influence the Qi in that area.

Let's take a look at a case, a true story, where one woman received a so-called Feng Shui advice that, if she wants to conceive successfully, she is required to "find a small boy born in the year of the Dragon to roll over her bed to invoke his Yang Qi".

Imagine the ad she might put up on the classified section: "Wanted: Small boy, aged 11, for Feng Shui purposes". Sounds so wrong in many ways, doesn't it? If an advice sounds so ridiculous, it is likely that someone is taking you for a ride.

So, what's the correct way to harness positive Qi?

In Classical Feng Shui, there is a way for a woman to enhance the possibility of conceiving. First, she needs to find out her Gua number. Then, she has to make use of the Yan Nian direction in her home. This direction can be ascertained by using the 8 Mansions Feng Shui Calculator at the Mastery Academy site.

How to "make use" of this direction? She needs to sleep in the room located in this direction, or have the stove's Fire Mouth (the gas knob) pointed to her Yan Nian direction.

Simple, right? No need to 'borrow' the neighbor's son for five minutes to roll over the bed.

To understand further about Feng Shui and its applications, visit for courses and books on the subject and more.

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