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Dear Joey

You have punched a hole in the wall and let in the light. I hope to find myself recognizing the things and see in this light.

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Taking Measures in Feng Shui

Taking Measures in Feng Shui

So you've recently purchased a beautiful piece of land with good surrounding landforms, and you want to build your dream home on it. You tell your architect the design preferences you want for your house. Not a problem.

Then you insist your architect to follow one condition in his design: Your new home must have auspicious dimensions measured accordingly with a Feng Shui ruler.

Wait. What? "Auspicious dimensions"? Laugh if you will, but such cases do exist.

You've probably heard about this thing called a Feng Shui ruler before. Your curiosity likely made you wonder if you can measure the "auspiciousness" of a property.

Honestly, no.

It is not uncommon to see people obsessed with Feng Shui to a point that they want to Feng Shui every minute detail of their life. They can go to the extremes over the Feng Shui ruler issue. Truth is, not everything can or more accurately, needs to be Feng Shui-ed. It's a mere matter of understanding what Feng Shui is all about and to be aware of the common misconceptions, such as this "auspicious dimensions" business.

Let's take a little history lesson on the origin of Feng Shui. Traditionally, Feng Shui was practiced for Yin Houses, which means burial grounds or tombs. Homes for the living are referred to as Yang Houses.

In ancient times, selecting burial spots was crucial, which was why in the days of the Imperial Dynasties of Ming and Qing, more attention was paid to the Yin House than Yang House. Yin House Feng Shui is the most potent form of Feng Shui because of its long-term effects and consequences on an individual's lineage and descendants.

Thus, this whole business about auspicious dimensions only applies mainly for Yin House Feng Shui. So don't bother looking for a Feng Shui ruler for your Yang House.

If you can ensure your dream home has favorable external and internal forms, then you don't have much to worry about - or drive the architect mad with wild requests like auspicious dimensions.

Speaking of measurements, you might have concerns about the height of your ceiling, especially in the Bedroom. Is there such a thing as an "auspicious height"?

The answers will be revealed in the next newsletter.

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