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Very interesting. Thanks for imparting all meaningful the information on the face reading.

Junice Sim Siew Joo, Singapore

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Hello, Qi? Are You Home?

Hello, Qi? Are You Home?

Qi. You know - that natural phenomenon of the living environment. You can't see it or touch it. It doesn't make any sound or emit a scent. But it's there alright; all around you.

Qi can affect your life in many ways. From the matters of wealth to health, career to relationships, if you are not aware of the power of Qi, harm will fall upon yourself and your family members under your roof - especially when you are oblivious about negative Qi lurking in certain sectors of your home.

Since ancient times, Feng Shui practitioners have learnt to assess outcomes based on the influence of Qi upon a particular living environment. You, too, can harness these naturally-recurring cosmic energies to bring positive results to your personal endeavors. All you need to do is learn the techniques and applications to tap positive or auspicious Qi of your living environment, your home. At the same time, you will also learn how to avoid negative or inauspicious Qi and the remedies to pacify its effects.

The focus of assessing Feng Shui goes to the location of the three crucial factors: the Main Door, the Bedroom (or more specifically, the direction where your head points to when sleeping) and the Kitchen (or the facing position of your stove). These are the basis of Feng Shui study. Once you understand these, along with some basic methods, you are on your way to applying simple Feng Shui solutions for your home.

For example, if you have a beam going across your bed, you can already identify what this means in Feng Shui. Beams create suppressive Qi, and that's a no-no because this causes disruptive sleep, poor job performance and a lot of problems and troubles for the person sleeping under it. The solution? Move your bed elsewhere in the room. Simple as that.

Easy, right? Feng Shui can be made easy for anyone to master.

Take the Feng Shui for Life™ program, for instance. In three short days, you learn Feng Shui essentials that you can apply immediately to your home. In addition, you also learn how to use BaZi and Date Selection to complement your Feng Shui applications and maximize your potential for success.

All these take only three days to learn skills you can use for a lifetime! Learn more about the program here.

*Of course, when there's something positive or auspicious, nature always balances it out with its opposite: negative or inauspicious Qi. In Feng Shui study, you'll learn how to avoid negative Qi and remedies to pacify its effects.

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