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Dear Joey

Thank you. Wonderful learning experience. I don’t know that much have so much and digest. It really open my mind and thought. Really, deeper and open our mind that command sense and not so common.

Slowly, bit-by-bit, I have gained knowledge input.

Albert Poon Tee Tee, Singapore

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Can You Feng Shui Everything?

Can You Feng Shui Everything?

Feng Shui is a Chinese Metaphysical science where one learns to recognize and tap into the positive natural energies, or Qi, of the living environment to help with endeavors in life. "Living environment" here refers to places we inhabit such as your home or office.

Why office - since you don't actually "live" there per se? This is because we spent more than thirty minutes at our workplace, more time than say, the bathroom (Of course, if you do spend thirty minutes in the toilet constantly, best to consult a doctor and not a Feng Shui master).

If that's the case, what about your car? Can you Feng Shui your car since you can spend up to an hour or so stuck in traffic every day? If you've been involved in several fender benders lately, does this mean your car has bad Feng Shui? What if you color your black car red, would that change your fortune?

The answers are: No, no and no.

Unlike a house, your car does not have a fixed Facing Direction or a location. You do not sleep or live in your car. For that matter, your car has no Feng Shui effect on you. You can fill your dashboard with many Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat figurines if you want, but truth be told, this cannot Feng Shui-fied your car for good luck in any way either.

There is no such thing as a "Feng Shui of a car". The color, number plate or type of car you drive has nothing to do with the number of accidents you may experience. This is solely because those things hold no significance in Classical Feng Shui.

For the issue of accidents, it's more likely that there's a problem in your BaZi (Astrology), or perhaps, it's your driving that is causing the problem rather than your vehicle.

If you want to enhance your opportunities or positive outcomes of your personal endeavors, the right way to do it is to look at your own home (or workplace). Take note on the Annual Afflictions and Flying Stars for the year to avoid the inauspicious sectors. Then apply the appropriate Feng Shui solutions to your home - not to your car.

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