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I flew 12 hours to ‘repeat’ this BZ4 course but as always, any course with Joey gives you a new output, new perspective plus also additional new info…I will fly back another 12 hours satisfied and equipped with so valuable info…Thany you very much.

Anna Sztandera, Poland

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HONESTY is the Best Policy

Know This First: Suss Out the Bad Dates

Trust and honesty are important qualities one would look for when hiring someone, say, a babysitter or a personal assistant. There are ways to identify an honest face, and Face Reading can effectively help you do so in an instant.

Face Reading or Mian Xiang is the Chinese art of physiognomy, which takes a look at the shape, features, contours and hues of the face to reveal an individual's personality, potential and destiny in life. As the face is an excellent instrument of communication, there is so much you can learn about a person without a word said.

So how do you tell an honest face? First, take a look at the face shape: It must be square-shaped with a wide forehead. This indicates people who can easily earn the trust and respect of others. It also signifies their high level of intelligence and kind-heartedness. Next, check for a big, closed mouth as well, as this means the individual is honest, conservative and reliable.

That said, you may want to take note of a person with such a face coupled with a protruding jawbone as this feature indicates a stubborn nature. However, being steady and strong-willed can also denote someone who has a strong sense of principles.

Take these facial features into consideration to guide you in your decision to hire this person for the job. Once you've learnt more on how to gauge a person's character at a glance, you will never look at a face the same way again.

It's true. The face says it all and it never lies.

Master Face Reading with confidence.
This is how you do it:

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