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I really enjoyed the course. Xuan Kong is an eye opener and will really benefit us when doing consultations/analysis. This course has definitely cleared up confusions. I look forward to Module 3.

Kay Pazera, South Africa

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Know This First: Suss Out the Bad Dates

Know This First: Suss Out the Bad Dates

In martial arts, one of the techniques taught in the initial stage of training is not about punching or kicking, but rather, about falling. Falling safely, that is. Why? Because by mastering that move, one can avoid further injury and bounce back on their feet faster to counter any more harm that comes their way from the opponent.

Similar concept applies to the art of Date Selection as well.

Date Selection or ZeRi is a metaphysical science under Chinese Astrology. It is about selecting a date based on the Qi energies present on that day, which will best support a particular activity and promote high chances of success. But before you can pin-point a Good or Auspicious Date for any personal or business endeavor, the study of Date Selection always begins with knowing how to pick out the Bad or Inauspicious Date first before anything else.

The rationale behind this is that, even if you want to do something negative - divorce, break up, contract termination, etc - by opting to eliminate the Bad Dates first would clear the way to a positive outcome of such activity. Think about it: Should you want to end a marriage or a business partnership, don't you want it to be a smooth and amicable one with no nasty feelings for the parties involved? And if you opt to do this on a Bad Date, won't that make it worst?

So yes, it is wiser to also avoid Bad Dates for all things considered bad as well. Only then you can choose a Good Date for those bad things in life and avoid further pain, stress and heartache.

General bad dates to avoid are Year Breaker Days, Month Breaker Days, Day Breakers, Three Killings Days and Personal Breaker Days. You will learn about these in detail and many more essential knowledge, tips and applications when you study Date Selection.

Master Date Selection and make the best of your personal and business endeavors in life today!

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