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Thanks for an interesting course.

Danielle Lee, United Kingdom

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High Rise Feng Shui

High Rise Feng Shui

High rise residential living in big cities is common these days, whether in a rental or own property. Applying Feng Shui to apartments and condominiums is entirely doable, though it can be a challenge due to its limitations of space and flexibility to renovate. Still, some basic Feng Shui can work to harness good Qi to the place you call home.

For starters, get the Facing Direction right. Unlike landed property, apartments (also refers to all other high rise residential properties) can be confusing because the Facing Direction is usually not always obvious. However, consider the whole apartment block as one house sharing a common roof. Therefore, the Facing Direction should be the direction of the facade of the block itself.

Once the Facing Direction has been determined, plot the Flying Stars or Eights Mansions chart (whichever you feel comfortable) to obtain the Qi map of the unit. For the convenience of working out the Feng Shui math, you may use the calculators on

Take note that despite sharing the same Facing Direction, none of the units in the block share the same Qi map as each unit is not located in the same location on a space continuum.

Once the Flying Stars or Eight Mansions chart of your block is determined, superimpose the chart over a copy of your unit's floor plan. Use a compass to get the direction of your unit's Main Door and superimpose the Flying Stars chart in the block's Facing Direction onto the unit's plan.

The stars at your unit's Main Door will give you a general snapshot of the Qi affecting it. If it's not good, what's circulating in the unit isn't good either.

In general, if the unit's Main Door have good stars or combinations, move to check the Bedroom sector. Ensure good Sitting Stars in the bedroom area as these help with health and relationship aspects in life.

It's also important to observe the external forms that influence the block's Qi and the ones around the block's Main Door as well. External forms must be checked first before we look inside.

Evaluate the external forms from the block's Main Door and the unit's balcony. Check for Water and Mountain formations. The apartment swimming pool should also be taken into consideration. Note that formations around the block itself and the area that it is located in as this will influence the Qi of each unit differently. Location of these forms will vary from unit to unit on the same floor and each unit on different floors.

Other things to consider: The corridors outside your unit are not cluttered or tight. The lift to your floor is considered an internal Qi mouth and must not be obstructed or blocked. Inside the unit, ensure there is an open space just beyond the unit's Main Door.

Before you rent or buy the unit, make sure to determine the kitchen is at an acceptable location and how to place the stove in it. Ensure you can locate it in a place that has no negative forms in the kitchen such as opposite the kitchen door or the sink.

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