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As you teach, more and more aspects of Feng Shui become obvious. Thank you.

Shantaram Kamath, India

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Do You Have a Face of Movie Star

Do You Have a Face of Movie Star

Every individual is born with unique facial features but how many of us has the face of a movie star? Not every actor or actress is considered on the A-list? So what separates the B-listers from the A-listers of Hollywood?

Chinese Face Reading or Mian Xiang is a useful skill that can enable anyone to discern an individual's personality based on his or her facial topography - and that includes seeing if someone has star quality.

To be someone with a potential movie star status, he or she will need to have that X-factor, a combination of charisma, magnetism and sex appeal. All these come from several particular features, which can be seen on the likes of George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

In general, the defining characteristic for individuals who achieve stardom is often the eyes. For females, large, glassy eyes - especially large Phoenix Eyes (tips and corners of the eyes are pointed, and the tips rise up sharply and lightly, while the corners dip down sharply) that are a little glassy/wet - denoting a female with magnetism and sex appeal. The male counterpart, on the other hand, has small, long eyes shaped like half-moons which are glassy/wet, with Fish Tails (also known as Crow's Feet). Other than the eyes, take note of the thick but balanced lips that also denotes sensuality and sex appeal.

People with Water face shapes (resembling a balloon, seen when the person's eyes shrink or squint up when smiling) are known to have entertaining and gregarious personalities and a sense of drama, making them ideal for a showbiz career. The same goes for Wood face shaped (an inverse pyramid) people, who are artistic and sensitive in nature.

Those with large, high-set and pinned-back ears will also see success in showbiz because it indicates intelligence and most importantly, lots of helpful people to propel their career forward. A plus as well if they have a high and tall nose bridge, which denotes a strong sense of self and a healthy ego.

Check the forehead too for features of people with star potential. A high forehead that is more than four fingers high (best if it is a five-finger height forehead but four fingers is acceptable if a number of other features are present) could mean that a career in the entertainment industry is a suitable choice.

If Face Reading can reveal the face of a movie star, what about those of a wealthy entrepreneur or creative talent? Pick up Face Reading and you'll discover a whole lot more a face can tell than meets the eye.

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