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Dear Joey

Joey has a dynamic and innovative style of delivery. He has provided us a lot of information and taught us many new concepts. I have benefited greatly from this course, as I am now able to integrate his new concept to find tune my reading.

Jenni Goh Siew Tin, Singapore

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Probably the most common of excuses of canceling a BaZi consultation has to be FEAR. And this would be the fear of "knowing". To the uninitiated, information derived from a BaZi reading (especially information that's perceived as less-than-positive) can sometimes be a psychological hindrance, causing unnecessary worry and paranoia.

We need to remind ourselves constantly that BaZi is but one of many tools that the universe has "created" as a means of communicating particular information to certain parties at certain points in time. As channels or receivers of this type of information, we must always remind ourselves that the information derived from BaZi (or any other method of astrology) should always be EMPOWERING.

First and foremost, we should use the information to make certain changes to our attitude and mindset. The information derived from the dynamic pillars (except for the present luck pillars) are used only as a predictive tool for the future - but only after plugging-in the PRESENT conditions of our behaviour, habits and choices. The luck pillars should always be read in conjunction of the whole chart as the entire main chart represents the person in question.

To affect a change in "luck", once again it's good to remind ourselves that any effective change ALWAYS comes from within; changing our attitudes, mindset and behaviour, which results in change of our choices and actions which will, in turn, change the outcome!

For example, we can actually correlate the entire BaZi chart to our temperament, personal views and characteristics. Again, it's always necessary to cross-check the information derived from the any pillar with not only past experiences but also within cultural and geographical circumstances.

The Year Pillar represents our relationship with what we stand for towards the world at large, so to speak, and how we view our role in society. It represents our "formal" and most general role that we play to society at large.

The Month Pillar as most are aware indicates our strongest personality characteristics since most of these were shaped during our formative years. As such, the Month Pillar denotes our key profile. It's with this profile that we relate with to those in our everyday life. This is our "day-to-day" self and tied to our core skills and main work function in life.

The Day Pillar of course contains the Day Master which, as we all know, is our core self and destiny. The entire Day Pillar as a whole is how we view, treat and what we expect of ourselves. This is why this is the spouse or home pillar - since we really only reveal our true selves either at home...or to the spouse!

The Hour Pillar indicates our desires and passions in life. It's what we wish to accomplish and the legacy that we would like to leave behind. The Hour Pillar denotes how we do things, accomplish our tasks and our creative process.

Therefore, it's the sum of the whole that makes any person. It's this WHOLE that plays out as we live, affecting different areas and types of people that we interact with. As such, if one doesn't like any part of his or her being, then one simply has to change that part of it! It's really that simple. Once that particular part has been effectively altered (which is possible with enough willpower and belief), then truly destiny will change!

Toh Kong Eu
MA Instructor

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