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Very fortunate to be your student. This is one of the most wonderful learning experiences by far. Thank you for the effort put in to make this course so enriching. I look forward to your M4!

Helen Ong Ling Yu, Singapore

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Dragon Diaries 2 Dragon Bone

Dragon Diaries 2 Dragon Bone

Some of you might flinch at the mention of bones, but it's okay.

This is a term referred to regularly in Classical Feng Shui, especially when you 'walk the dragons', battling the natural terrain on foot, trailing the mountain ranges in search for the 'Dragon Spot'. As I have mentioned before in previous articles, no words can truly describe the feeling of actually being there: You, a minute existence slowly dissolving to become part of the flow of the mountain ranges, moving with its bends and turns.

If the ranges are the Dragons, then the greenery is its skin, and the rocks, its bones. Remember that the Dragon's head will always stop at water, a river bend or sometimes a lake. A Dragon should be majestic: the rise and dip of the ranges emulate the Qi flow of the lands. Hence a weak Dragon is one whose body (the ranges) do not rise and dip, but remain consistently formless.

For its bones to be exposed, the Dragon must first be wounded. This means that the skin (greenery) is damaged and the vitality of the Dragon is diminished. As the Dragon governs the prosperity of its entire vicinity, all living beings will be subsequently affected. There are a few reasons why a Dragon has its bones exposed. Most commonly, this is due to a Sha Qi source. For example: A Wind Gap (gap between two mountains or a valley) that is constantly hitting the body of the Dragon with strong winds, causing vegetation to die. Hence, the rocky bones become exposed. The most superior of Dragons is one that is protected from all sides.

A second reason we commonly see today is modern development of the lands that causes mountains to be scraped and flattened. The quality of the Feng Shui is then reduced.

So what happens when we see the bones of the Dragon? Most likely the area is being inflicted by Sha Qi, the aggressive force of nature. If the entire Dragon is bony, the people of the land will also become merciless.

'When the Copper Mine Collapses in the West...

.... the Palace bell tolls in the East'.

Why is that so? Because the bell is also made of copper, hence it is connected and affected by its source despite great distance in between. I find that this description from Guo Pu's 'Burial Book' exemplifies the concept of Yin House Feng Shui very well. In modern times we see this as DNA - people of the same DNA are connected to one another across great distances. Hence, the bones of our ancestors play a crucial role, whether lending us a boost or presenting us with challenges to begin with. In fact, it may surprise you that Feng Shui was originally a system used entirely for burial, and not for the living as so commonly known today.

The principles for Yin House Feng Shui (burial) are somewhat similar to Yang House (living): The goal is always to ensure that Qi is able to gather gently and be received into the property. So you still require the left and right embraces, Table Mountain, to hold in the Qi. For the case of Yin House Feng Shui - prosperous Qi is to be received by the tomb, which is subsequently received by the bones. The bones, having been incepted with positive Qi, will transmit a positive frequency to those of its kind (similar DNA).

What is the medium of transmission, you might ask? Simple: as with all Feng Shui principles, the Earth itself is the trunk conductor for all energy flow, linking each minute living being to the other, within this massive, almost-incomprehensible World Tai Ji.

Sherwin Ng
MA Instructor

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