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This one is fun and very helpful! I can use it immediately in my professional environment as a business consultant. Thanks for opening up this science for us!

Emile Weesie, Netherlands (Holland)

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BaZi Unveils Your Role in Life

BaZi Unveils Your Role in Life

In my capacity as a BaZi practitioner and instructor, one of the usual concepts I ask people to ponder over is one's own practical role in life. Here, we're simply addressing the question: What are one's function and role in the community that one thrives in and looking further, within the society, country and indeed within our world that we call our universe.

Once we look at the larger picture, doesn't it become clear that within each community or society, there are specific roles that need to be "filled" in order for things to move, for society to work and figuratively, for the world to go round?

So, how do we find out what role we are meant to play in this world? The clue is in unlocking the key to who we are. Our personality comes through to others when we work with others, when we talk about others, when we are in a relationship with others or perhaps when we are just interacting with them. Once we know our basic identity, how we perceive the world and vice versa, we open up the potential to our destiny, and thus, will be prepared to embrace it.

For those of you who aren't yet embracing your destiny or maybe are not fully sure of what it may entail or perhaps even afraid of it, then BaZi profiling is the thing for you. After all, the system of BaZi is formulated and calculated using objective data (birth day and time). BaZi profiling tells you objectively your characteristics, key strengths and weaknesses without the necessity of questionnaires and interviews where various biases can interfere with the interpretation.

Based on your Day Master, we can ascertain your most basic nature and role. Are you a Gui Day Master who uses quick judgment and intuition? Are you a Geng Day Master who thrives on execution and "doing"; not having to worry about the big picture and conceptual things like strategies. Even though most of us are a practical mix, our personal Day Master will reveal our key nature. So, which Day Master are you?

In addition, what Structure are you? How do you view the world? Are you a Manager where control and having things under wraps are crucial to you? Or are you of the Connector Structure where teamwork and socializing are an integral part of your being?

Just like the study of BaZi, BaZi profiling also operates in layers. In addition to knowing your Day Master (plus other stems in your chart) and your Structure, we can also fine-tune further and ascertain your Profile (of which they may be multiple!). Are you a Creator who thrives on creation? Are you a Diplomat who is "proper" and superb at implementation? Or a Performer who embodies the Nike "Just Do It" mentality and thrives in the limelight?

BaZi profiling is really a wonderful way for you to aware, realize and embrace your destiny. Remember, there is no need to fear being different from others or such mundane concerns such as if your destiny can provide a living. The universe WILL take care of you if and when you live your destiny!

Toh Kong Eu
MA Instructor

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