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We have a saying: “ If a painter wants to become a master, first he has to learn to paint like the old Master”. This is what we have been doing here and it was really amazing. To be the first Westerners who had the chance to practice real form school was great fortune. Thank you!

Eva-Maria Spötta, Germany

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High-rise Feng Shui & Vertical Qi

High-rise Feng Shui & Vertical Qi

Many can imagine by now that the natural force of the land, Qi, travels from higher ground (mountains and hills) and gathers at lower ground (natural water ways). This is the horizontal flow of Qi, and we know that, for example, 'first come is first served'. The nearer houses around the lake would have the chance to receive the energy storage first. Of course, basic rules apply. The water has to be in the right location relative to the house, and there has to be a good 'Bright Hall' for the house

Take crucial note on the term 'Bright Hall' - it does not refer to lights whatsoever! It is the space before the main entrance of any building. This space has to be spacious enough to allow Qi to gather and collect to be received into ANY property. Of course, your external Bright Hall should be level. If it slopes away, then Qi also seeps away gradually. The only exception to this rule is the 'Table Mountain'.

A 'Table Mountain' need not look like a table, but it is a distant mountain that is directly aligned with your main entrance, plus it stands roughly at shoulder height at a distance. Any hill or mountain in front of the main door and is above your eyebrow level is an indication that it is too high, thus suppressing the main door.

For apartments and condominium dwellings, the same rule applies. Being able to view a Table Mountain from your balcony would mean that Qi is being directed toward your balcony - it becomes another mouth for Qi, instead of a 'leakage space' as commonly thought. Before you worry about having to partition your balcony view because it faces your unit's main door - check again. Check the Bright Hall of your unit door as well. Many high-rise units suffer from the lack of an internal Bright Hall - the space right after entering the main door. If your internal Bright Hall is already small, then avoid having too many plants or furniture there to obstruct the Qi from flowing in through the door.

Many people wonder how Qi travels up from the ground floor to the higher floors, like 8th or 10th or 25th even - this is where vertical Qi comes in. Qi not only flows from higher land to low, but within a confined building it also expands upwards. And did you know that every floor has its own 'element'?

The 1st, 6th, 11th, and 16th floors belong to the Water element (so does 21st and 26th, so on). Floors 2, 12, 7, and 17 belong to Fire. Wood element floors are 3, 13, 8, and 18 (as well as 23, 33, or 28, 38). Metal floors are 4, 14, 9, and 19; Earth floors are 10, 12, 5, and 15. For those of you familiar with the Personal Life Gua system - check this out. Is the vertical Qi of your apartment supporting or depleting you? Let's say your Life Gua is #2, Earth Element, (do not confuse with the floor element system, which is the 'HeTu') and you live on the 7th floor. That's Fire growing into your Earth element. Very good. If your Life Gua is #3 let's say. That's the Wood element. You live on the 4th floor, which is Metal. Metal counters your Wood, so perhaps you need to take care of your health a little more.

Sherwin Ng
MA Instructor

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