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I flew 12 hours to ‘repeat’ this BZ4 course but as always, any course with Joey gives you a new output, new perspective plus also additional new info…I will fly back another 12 hours satisfied and equipped with so valuable info…Thany you very much.

Anna Sztandera, Poland

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Discover your path through Mian Xiang

Discover your path through Mian Xiang

In the Chinese art of Face Reading (Mian Xiang), the forehead is defined as the area of your face that extends from above the eyebrows right up to the hairline of your temples. This upper region of your face governs the youth age (1-30) of a person's life.

The forehead is one of the most important features in face reading. This is because it contains the Career, Life or Marriage, Parents, Traveling as well as the Fortune and Virtue Palaces.

The managerial or professional one

This person has a forehead that is high (5 fingers' width between the eyebrows and hairline) and square (hairline runs across the forehead in a straight line).

This type of forehead shows an analytical mind, great problem-solving skills; someone who enjoys intellectual work and professional challenges, is good at generating ideas and creating systems, practical-minded, reliable, action-oriented, not afraid to question authority and demanding on those who with or below them.

A person with a high and square forehead is suited for jobs in engineering, finance, medicine or law.

A woman who has a square forehead is usually more dominant than her husband when it comes to making decisions on domestic matters.

The creative and artistic one

A high forehead with a hairline that looks like the letter 'M' belongs to creative, artistically-inclined people. They can dream up big ideas and grand visions and can often see unique opportunities in situations. They are highly intelligent and may possess good analytical skills.

With wide appeal among members of the opposite sex, they are capable of mingling with high society, where their talents are held in high regard.

However, they lack the ability to effectively see their plans come to fruition. They are also not good at managing money or adhering to budgets.

A person having a high forehead with an M-shaped hairline is suited for creative industry such as architecture, advertising, entertainment or writing.

You are strongly advised to combine Face Reading with BaZi Profiling (based on the highly precise BaZi or Chinese Astrology system of Character Analysis). This will give you a more in-depth information on a person's inherent skills and abilities, what kind of industry, field or job he or she is best suited for as well as when his or her career will take off, improve or hit its peak.
This means that the forehead represents your career and academic prospects, relationship with your parents and spouse, benefactor luck, self-confidence and travel for education or work. It also reveals your social status, intellect, innermost intentions, level-headedness, nobility and credibility in life.

As such, it is ideal to have a forehead that is high, broad, fleshy and smooth - without any scars, birth defects, dents, bumps, lines, unhealthy looking skin and protruding facial bones. Any flaws may otherwise affect adversely on your career and wealth luck before the age of 30.

You can use the Multiple Position Face Reading technique to analyze a person's forehead in tandem with other facial features to tell you about his or her resume, early background and even marital prospects.

Mastery Academy Team

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