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Many Thanks Joey for your advancement. This class is so fabulous. The text given is so intensive, very informative. You have upgraded us to a higher level of reading a BaZi chart. You are a great Master to learn from.

Vivien Ng Sweh Buay, Singapore

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The Day Masters Revisited

Which Counsel to Follow for Date Selection

One of the fans on this page, Maxx Ha, asked: "Hi, does anyone know why there are differences between 'God' and 'Tong Shu' auspicious date selection? For example, God said this is a good date for marriage, but Tong Shu said it clashes with your animal sign so it's not good for marriage. Which to follow?"

For the sake of... clarity, Maxx is referring to Mediums who communicate with Deities (Gods) at temples.

My answer would be: Of course, you MUST always listen to God... that is provided you know for sure it is God advising you.

But if you are communicating through a Medium, then I have a question for you: Do you trust the Medium? If you do believe that the Medium is indeed communicating with a Deity or God, then by all means... please follow the advice given to you.

Otherwise, it's best that you study Date Selection yourself and select the Best Dates based on proper calculations, judgment and considerations.

Let me digress a little and tell you a story. It may help you decide when you are in doubt about which counsel to follow.

Once upon a time, there was a Feng Shui Master. He found a piece of burial land for his client. The land had such good Feng Shui that it could help attain wealth equivalent to that of the imperial family! The client was so happy that he decided there and then to transfer his ancestor's remains to the new plot of land.

The Feng Shui Master immediately selected the best date for the burial - a date that could 'activate' the Feng Shui formation of the land. The client was very happy with the selected date.

But the client's wife had some doubts. So she went to a temple to seek confirmation from the Medium there. The Medium went into a trance and, after consulting God, told the client's wife: "The date that was selected is correct. BUT the time is ONE hour earlier!"

This made the husband and wife very worried and confused. They went back to the Feng Shui Master and asked him: "Are you sure it's this time? Because the Medium said it's one hour earlier."

The Feng Shui master immediately reviewed all his calculations and told the couple: "I'm very sure my selection was correct. I don't know why the Medium told you it's an hour earlier! But, since he consulted God, I think it's better you follow his advice. I'm only a humble Feng Shui master - I dare not go against God's advice. Otherwise, lightning will strike me!"

After much deliberation, the client finally decided to follow the Medium's counsel. The burial took place at the hour specified by the Medium, and a new tombstone was erected shortly after.

Within the next three months, the client was found guilty of bribery and embezzlement! As this was a serious offence in the imperial court, the client's entire family fortune was confiscated!

The talk of the town soon spread like wildfire: "How come the Medium's 'special hour' didn't work?"

I'm sure you, too, would like to know why. This is because... God wanted to punish this particular man for all his evil deeds. That's why a BAD hour was selected for the purpose of destroying the Feng Shui formation.

So, the moral of the story is... if you want to consult a Medium in future, make sure of two things:

  1. You trust that the Medium is genuine. (That he or she is indeed able to communicate with the Deity or God).
  2. You had better not done bad things in your life. (You need to have accumulated enough karma points).

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