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Dear Joey

Thank you for patiently answering all my questions. I really appreciate it. I also admire your patience in assisting students.

I also enjoyed your teaching of the Xuan Kong, it is very interesting. Thanks again and hope to see you in Las Vegas in March 2003.

Tina Vatter, Austria

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An increasing number of us are learning to be friendly towards the environment we live in. In becoming more responsible for the Earth on which we live, we take proactive steps such as recycling and using energy efficiently in our everyday life. However, how do you first go about finding an environment which is friendly towards you - enough to make you want to set up your home there?

You can use Classical Feng Shui to help you look for a place with decent Feng Shui. Start by looking for natural features in the vicinity of your property such as a mountain or a body of water. In the study of land formations, mountains represent the Yin (unmoving) component of the Earth, which gives out Qi , while water (rivers, lakes) is the Yang (active) component which gathers Qi. Having both features present in the vicinity means that you have found the ideal balance, and this will make your property far more better than just decent!

Now, spotting a mountain takes practice, what more recognizing mountains in towns or cities! One telltale clue is when an area has 'hills' or 'heights' as part of its name. This indicates the area is situated on a mountain or a hill at least. If you are an avid house-hunter, you may realize that residential areas that thrive are always in the vicinity of good mountains. Go for a weekend drive to check this out!

Having identified a peak in the vicinity, how can you tell if it is a 'good' mountain or hill? A mountain with lush green vegetation releases positive Qi whereas a rocky mountain with exposed 'broken patches' or cracks releases aggressive Qi. The ideal site of a house should be supported by hills at the back and a clear, uncluttered view in front. In addition, the land (or hill) on the left (looking out the facing direction of the house) should be higher than that on the right.

This formation is known as the Four Celestial Animals in Classical Feng Shui. The hill formation at the back of the property is called the Black Turtle. The clear, uncluttered area in front is known as the Red Phoenix, which should ideally be of the same level or slightly lower than the house. It should also include a slow meandering river, pond or lake or a low mountain (at eyebrow level in the distance). The hill formation on the left is called the Green Dragon while the formation on the right is known as the White Tiger.

In urban areas, the Black Turtle, Green Dragon and White Tiger can be represented by buildings or trees while the Red Phoenix can be an open field or a fountain. The Four Celestial Animals formation helps to accumulate life-sustaining Qi, which should flow gently into the house and its surrounding areas. Occupants of the house can then tap this beneficial Qi to enjoy better health and greater vitality in their lives.

After finding the house you like, and it has got a clear view of a beautiful green hill, what is next? This is when you need to get a little more technical. Use your Feng Shui compass to measure the direction of the mountain relative to your intended house. Is the mountain in the Northeast, West, Northwest or even South?

If it is in any one of these four directions, congratulations! The Feng Shui of your desired house can offer you and your family members good health, harmonious relationships and maybe even power and authority. What if you do not get a mountain or hill in the above-mentioned directions? Check whether the ground level is significantly higher compared to the property. If it is, you can still receive a portion of the said benefits.

A word of caution, though: These mountain locations will only last you until about year 2043! (Period 1 in Feng Shui terms). For now, most will agree that the Feng Shui is decent enough to set up home.

The Mastery Academy Team

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