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Full of information delivered in a systematic manner with an emphasis of basic theoretical understanding of principles and application of formulas. All delivered in an entertaining and enlightening way by Joey.

Lee Shao Hwa, Singapore

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Looking for the Ideal Partner

Looking for the Ideal Partner

In the game of love, we often size up how attractive a potential partner is simply by... looks. Let's face it, as much as we try not to judge a book by its cover, as human beings it is EXTREMELY difficult not to do so!

As the saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them". However, what we can do to improve the accuracy of our "visual" judgement is to use concepts from the science and art of Face Reading or Mian Xiang. Combining Mian Xiang with our inevitable tendencies to evaluate others solely by the way they look in the very least makes our "surface" evaluations of others more solid and accurate.

Let's take the simple and common example of sizing up a potential romantic partner for both sexes. Now, any effective utilization of Chinese Metaphysics needs to begin with setting a goal and with the end result in mind. For ladies, you first need to define what kind of a man you would like to end up with.

If you're like most people, that is, looking for a partner who is (or will be) rich enough and able to provide a life of financial ease and support, then of course you need to go for a man who has a broad, fleshy and tall nose supported by a pair of decent cheeks which are fleshy and prominent but not overly protruding nor bony. If you're looking for someone who can command considerable authority and can rise up the ranks of a civil or corporate career, a necessary attribute is a spacious forehead (without bumps, indentation or scars) of at least 4 finger spaces.

However, these qualities alone may not give you a fellow who can easily share emotions and communicate with you "on the same level". These are the additional requirements by most ladies in the current age we live in. Therefore, another criterion to fit the mould of such a man is the type of expressive eyes, which are not too small and with double eyelids. In addition, you will need to check the mouth - a mouth that is well-defined with clear borders is necessary plus a decent upper lip that is not too thin and preferably balanced with the lower lip.

And for guys, again you also need to define the criteria of your ideal romantic mate. If you want success for yourself, both financially and in your career, then your ideal mate should have a well-defined nose that would "prosper" her husband! As it is, a woman's nose is the prime indicator of the potential achievement of her man, particularly with the modern indicators of success - career, wealth and so on. A good nose of a lady who marries well should be tall and with a decent nose bridge.

Similarly, the candidate in question should also have adequate cheeks which support such the nose. However, you might want to avoid a lady with very high and prominent cheek bones as she is bound to have strong opinions and make her own decisions. These qualities, however, make a good corporate woman and one who can also "bring home the bacon" so to speak - ideal qualities if you're looking for a modern, non-traditional relationship.

Guys, while large, glassy eyes with double eyelids make your anime fantasies come true, they also make for a lady who is very emotional. This type of eyes belongs to a lady who will likely share with you her every thought, feeling, fear and paranoia. If you're the kind who's easily dragged down by constant nagging and "sharing" of thoughts and feelings, stick to someone with eyes which are not overly large or watery.

Toh Kong Eu
MA Instructor

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