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A very interesting session and a lot of useful information had been imparted by Joey.Thank you once again.

Lum Soo Peng , Malaysia

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Difficult Sectors in 2010

With 2010 just over a month away, here's a recap on what NOT to do in the Metal Tiger year:

  • Negative Star 5 Yellow in the Southwest sector means that you cannot renovate (or activate) the Southwest of your property throughout 2010. If the Southwest room needs some fixing, drilling, or hammering - do so now, before Feb the 4th (of course, don't forget to select a good date!)
    Properties that SIT on the 5 Yellow (meaning, facing Northeast) next year have the extra disadvantage of not being able to perform renovations to the ENTIRE property. This is because the 'Sitting' governs the entire body of the property, hence when a property 'sits' on one particular Star/Qi, the entire property will be affected.
  • Additionally, the Illness Star 2 Black in the Northeast sector is especially potent in 2010. Instead of the usual cough-cold-fever, ill-health can escalate to growth, paralysis, and even cancer. Hence, try to avoid activating the Northeast sector, or move INTO a Northeast room after Feb 4th 2010.
    Here's a TIP: If you are ALREADY in the Northeast room now, try to position your bed in the East small Tai Ji - the annual 6 White is a Metal Star that can weaken the effects of the 2 Black.
    Not enough? Okay, here's a trade secret: Using auspicious METAL dates can severely diminish the powers of the #5 and #2 Earth Stars!
  • Of course, there are exceptions to the general rules. Houses facing Southwest 1 or Northeast 2 have a good chance at wealth prospects, especially when the property market is concerned. But even so, don't forget the doctor's check-up!
  • The 3 Killings in the North should not be activated by renovation. Keep still and you should be fine. Otherwise you might risk encountering accidents, robbery, or health complications - add in the annual Star 4, there might even be Peach Blossom scandals and illnesses. Similarly, the Grand Duke at Northeast 3 & Year Breaker at Southwest 3 should not be 'disturbed'.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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