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This was absolutely outstanding! The work you have put into the preparation of this course is very evident and know we have had an experience very few are lucky enough to have. You have a way of making us understand just how little we know in such a good way. Thank you for all that was learnt. Keep up the passion!

Diane Grobler, South Africa

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Flying Stars Feng Shui for December 2009

For the annual and monthly Flying Stars, there are a few HeTu combinations we can look at this month:

  • The 1-6 occurring in the Southwest palace may be beneficial for irrigation and farming industries. Its Nobleman effect is absent this month, except for a NE or SW facing property. High-rise offices on the 10th floor will be able to capitalize on this sector for wealth opportunities by taking an aggressive stance.
  • The 8-3 in the Southeast sector is a 'self-prospering' configuration. The standard procedure goes - open a door here to receive this Qi. This combination is especially beneficial for education and creative industries, or starting new ventures and projects. A NW facing property with a Bright Hall behind will benefit most - or if you have external SE water, like I do.
  • The East sector's 2-7 is a fiery combination that can help instigate expansion and good public relations. Unless, of course, the forms are negative then the opposite holds true. A straight-cutting river, for example, instigates disruptive internal politics instead.

Negative Sectors:

  • The monthly #5 comes in to the Northwest sector to contaminate the #1! Occupants using this door or room can expect setbacks due to miscommunication, unmet goals, and sudden loss of resources - the Hexagram here warns of 'dispersion' of wealth as well as relationships. In dire situations, seek out the help of an elderly male Noble Person who preferably comes from the South.
  • The West sector's 6-2 brings about fever and head-related ailments to occupants of a West facing house.
  • The combination 3-7 can yield promotion or an authority boost to those in a North-facing house, especially when supported by external higher ground. Otherwise, this is a burglary indication - extra precaution when working late, to those using this NE room in a NW facing house.

Last but not least, the South sector holds some Peach Blossom Qi this month. Those looking to up their social game can place a temporary water feature here. Suitable dates to do so are Dec 11th Friday, or 17th Thursday. On the other hand, watch out for negative external forms, especially the wind gap, as this will cause poisoning (of the blood) to the occupants of the South room and/or Gua #6 persons.

An extra tip!
The pillar Bing Zi in divination: denotes the Sun rising above the clouds to bring new hope - or are the mists swallowing up the light without anyone noticing? If you are a Water person, then this denotes wealth and success through subtle tactics. If you are an Earth person, then this normally indicates a Nobleman, and receiving nourishment/approval.

Bing Zi normally points to obstacles and betrayal to those born in the Year of the Goat and Horse.

If you acquire this Pillar in a West room or a room that is poorly lit, the odds are stacked against you. Hope is almost lost. But if you acquire this Pillar near a forest area, or the East sector, then it is time to start afresh!

To understand more of this concept, join Joey Yap for his BaZi Modules 3 & 4 classes this December in Kuala Lumpur.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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