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Good course. Takes my understanding to a higher level. Will be useful in my work and social life.

Low Gee Sing, Singapore

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The Right Fit for Every Person

The Way to the Heart is through the Face

One of the most common reasons why people turn to Face Reading is for relationship issues, or problems. When it comes to romance and matters of the heart, Face Reading can indeed be a tool as a means of evaluating the type of person one is getting involved with, and how committed they are to the relationship at hand.

Certain features can indeed determine better relationship luck:


  • Long eyebrows denote a sentimental and empathetic personality who values ties with other people, while short eyebrows denote a hasty and temperamental personality.
  • For females, it's desirable that they have New Moon or Willow Leaf eyebrows. The former indicates that they'll be supportive and understanding towards their husband, while the latter denotes good affinity with the opposite sex, and the ability to care for the home.


  • A long, straight, and tall nose on a female indicates her ability to enhance her husband's luck and bring out his potential.
  • Since the nose represents the Wealth and Spouse Star for females, a good-quality nose on a woman indicates good husband luck.
  • A nose that is very high and tall, in proportion to the rest of the face, indicates a very strong ego - and the inability to bend or back down to a partner's will!


  • The temples at the sides of the forehead, near the corners of the eyes. This denotes the Spouse Palace for both men and women.
  • Clear and fleshy temples denote a good relationship with the spouse, while scars, dents, veins, moles or discolouration suggest problems and arguments.


  • It's not desirable for a female to have high, prominent cheekbones - especially when coupled with a high, strong and bony nose. It means a controlling and domineering personality, one that will 'control' the husband too much.


  • Long, slender eyes with clearly defined pupils and whites bode well for romantic relationships. This denotes a person with a clear heart and mind, unencumbered with worries or excess emotional baggage.
  • Eyes that are too small denote problems with communication and empathy. These people will not express what's really on their mind, which can lead to long-term issues.
  • Too-large eyes indicate an emotional, sensitive nature. They will need a lot of attention, especially those with big, round eyes that appear watery. It can be emotionally exhausting and draining for the partner.

These are just some of the simple ways to read a face for relationship outlook. In more advanced forms of Face Reading, there is Combination Position or Multi Position Face Reading, which combines the various disparate features to arrive at a more detailed and exhaustive evaluation.

As such, the balance has changed. As evolution can't be help, the wise approach is to go with the flow and modify our own expectations when it comes to relationships. Along with the change in the "power" balance between men and women, we have to accept the inevitable change of not just financial responsibility, but also in terms of who gets what done However, many women who are strong individuals and who need to accomplish their own goals other than the traditional ones of being a wife, mother and homemaker, commonly want the best of both worlds. They want to pursue a successful career and yet hope to be completely coddled and taken care of by their man. However, we know from a BaZi (and practical) standpoint this does NOT work!

In the meantime, all the best in your attempts at Face Reading... and remember to enjoy the process!

Jessie Lee
MA Cosultant

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