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Mind boggling, intriguing and unbelievable vast ocean of knowledge – that’s BaZi Module 4!We are extremely fortunate to benefit from your strong determination and devoted dedication towards the promotion of metaphysic science in the world. You are truly the 8th Wonder in the World of metaphysics.Congratulations to another great achievement on this inaugural BaZi Module 4.

Leonard Tham Wai Hoong , Malaysia

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Feng Shui Outlook for November

The month of November, Yi Hai, lends us the image of a lotus rising from the muddy waters - and indeed, what a muddled year it has been. As Hai is the birthplace of Wood, this pillar represents hope for a fresh start, and rising above troubled times. Those whose BaZi has already been 'disturbed' by this earthy year, now is the time to re-examine your thoughts and motivations. Detach all emotions and ask yourself honestly what you want to achieve next (or how to extricate from the mess). Remember, feelings are governed by Water - meeting too much Water the Wood becomes displaced and lost.

The positive sectors for November are the Southeast and Northwest:

  • The SE sector brings room for growth, expansion, new changes, and general wealth luck. Gua #7 children using this sector bedroom, however, should take care of injuries to the back and the eyes.
  • The 1-6 Star Combination in the NW indicates nobility and receiving help from others. However, if there is an external body of water to the NW, watch out for illness, confusion, and problems due to intoxication.
  • For those already enduring a North sector door this year, November allows some relief in the form of meeting the right person to solve your problems, especially legal ones. Of course, still no renovation is allowed in the North sector.
  • The East sector is also useable for wealth-related pursuits, especially those in the speaking and consulting industries

Watch out for the following negative sectors:

  • The West sector's 2-7 indicates a fire disaster if negative sharp features are present externally. A West sector door also brings in arguments, fights, and even injury to the limbs. Gua #9 persons using this sector are especially vulnerable. Houses facing East are particularly vulnerable to this Sha Qi in the West.
  • The SW also presents the 6-7 'Sword-fighting Sha' - indicative of robbery and physical injuries. Watch out for negative forms here as well to trigger the Qi. Gua #2 persons using a SW door might still be able to reap wealth benefits, especially with positive external forms.
  • The East sector brings legal hassles and loss of wealth through sudden expenditure. If you already see a potential problem cropping-up due to an East sector door, seek a Gua #1 and #4 person to help mitigate these negative effects.
  • If your property has a narrow pathway cutting through the central palace and connecting to the South - watch out for heart problems this month.
  • For South facing houses, using a South sector door or room denotes sickness relating to breathing, and the lungs.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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