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Hope to improve my English so I am able to understand the next BaZi Module 4 easily. Presentation is very good.

George Kappos, Greece

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The Right Fit for Every Person

All in a Day's Work

Like all other jobs out there, Feng Shui consulting has its ups and downs - braving the tropical weather in formal attire, inflicting soil and mud upon leather shoes, and having to quickly recover and look cool while heading back to the office. One of the most important lessons I've learned is this: always start your day with a healthy hearty breakfast.

No. Just joking. What I mean to say is, don't embark on crucial activities (all my site-visits are crucial to me, later you will understand why) on a Day that clashes with your Day Pillar.

Now, of course sometimes we do not get to choose the best time to go out - always bear in mind what's happening to your house's dynamic Feng Shui. Dynamic what? I'm going to assume that since this newsletter is reaching you, you must be an ardent observer of Feng Shui - and therefore, by default you must have a 'Bright Hall' outside AND inside your main door.

(If you really have no idea what a 'Bright Hall' is, you have no choice but to get this book.)

Back to dynamic Feng Shui - I was referring to the annual and monthly Flying Stars at your main door. Why? This is a good indicator of your wealth prospects for the month:

  • Month Star produce Annual Star: Expect some financial gains. Clients will be very friendly and cooperative.

  • Month Star the same element with Annual Star: Maintained status quo. Extremely lovely clients.

  • Month Star counters Annual Star: Some wealth gains. But cranky clients.

  • Month Star depletes Annual Star: Client requires 'a lot of persuasion.'
  • Month Star countered by Annual Star: Client will Feng Shui his/her own house.

The 'Host and Guest' relationship between two Stars (or Star and Palace) is often discussed in Xuan Kong Feng Shui. We often generalize that Star combinations like 8-9 and 1-4 are good stuff, but fail to see that sometimes, the good stuff happens without truly 'benefiting' us! For example, if your Annual Star is #9, and the monthly Star that flew in is a #8, you have a case of Fire 'producing out' to the Earth. What this could mean is that, while yes, you will experience a 'happy event' (#9 is the Happiness Star), and money is involved (#8 is a Wealth Star), but because of this 'produce outwards' relationship - it looks like you'll be spending money at someone else's wedding or charity ball instead!

During a Feng Shui corporate training session last week, one female participant asked, "What does it mean if I have too much Fire in my BaZi chart?"

My answer was, "Drink more water then."

They all laughed at me.

Hmm... Fire represents passion. Too much Fire means over-passionate. When you are constantly over-passionate you tend to work your body a lot, move a lot, and talk a lot. So you get dehydrated easily. After 10 years of constant dehydration your kidneys (Water element) might start to fail. Not to mention your skin condition (Earth element) might be beyond SK-II repair.

Another smart aleck retorted, "Doesn't Fire grow Earth, thus improving your skin?"

My reply was, "Would you take a cooked chicken and stick it in your oven again?" Too much of anything is never good. After all, Feng Shui is fundamentally the study of Yin-Yang balance.

For example, before moving out to seize the day (Yang), always fill yourself with a hearty breakfast (Yin).

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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