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It was very interesting, I would participate again. I am also waiting for the German translation of the Coaching.

Evelyn Schlegel, Switzerland
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The Right Fit for Every Person

Feng Shui for September

The Feng Shui outlook for the month of September 2009 doesn't look altogether that different from the past. Just like most of the previous months, the Southeast and Northwest sectors are largely beneficial and helpful for most endeavours. Here are some tips for particular sectors that are of interest for this month. Do note that the numbers next to the sectors denote the Monthly Star and Annual Star combination for that sector.

The positive sectors for the month:

Southeast Sector 6-8
Good for wealth as well as authority - or regaining wealth (and regaining authority). Activate this sector on a good date if you need those said effects.
If your main door is already in the SE, just sit back and wait - better yet, charge ahead full force with those business plans and projects! Gua #4 and #1 persons can reap the most benefits.
However, Gua #3 people might experience a loss of authority instead.
If you need to buy time or require your business competitors to slow down, move into this sector on an auspicious date.

Northwest Sector 8-1
Earth Star meeting the Water Star points toward wise wealth management. Gua #8 can reap wealth benefits using this sector.
However, should there be a water body in the NW, pay attention to the fine print in contracts, and be careful of situations which appear too good to be true. Check your facts and stick to them.
Ding Fire people will be a flickering (hence, irritable) candle this month. Stay out of their way. Those who are in the Indirect Wealth (non-fixed income, sales-based commission) may find money getting out of control. Even once you get it, you can't keep it.

Northeast Sector 1-3
Occupants of a NE room will find opportunity for travel.
Offices overlooking a NE hill will find positive breakthroughs in work and business, especially with new projects, or jump-starting old forgotten projects.
However if your NE slopes away, this indicates the departure of someone helpful to you.
Wood Day Masters, especially Jia Wood, should consider using this sector to ease communication at work. Not sure how to further 'activate' sectors? Read a book here.

North Sector 3-5
Nothing much has changed, as the North is afflicted for the entire year. The appearance of the monthly #3 Jade merely aggravates the effects of financial loss.
Earth Day Masters will find some time for recovery this month, especially Ji Earth who got surprised by the previous month's sudden expenditure. For Wu Earth, however, it's best to stick to the tried and tested and avoid working in this sector.
If your main door or office door is here, or the North is being used for important dealings and you have no other choice, then you can activate the NW (take note: the Northwest sector) sector on a Heavenly Virtue day to soothe the negative effects of the 3-5 in the North.

East Sector 5-7
The monthly #5 Yellow instigates the #7 to theft and robbery. Even more so if your East area is dark or too Yin.
This combination is also an indication of mouth ulcers, or getting in trouble for your speech. Occupants of an East room should watch their words.
Metal Day Masters using an East room, room door, or main door, will feel bogged down by work. Partnerships and relationships will be a strain. Don't think too much, or take things too personally. And stop comparing your situation with others. Remember, every person has his or her own untold story.
Bing Fire people feel less motivation this September. Or maybe your boss is not communicating clearly to you. Take a break and spend some time outdoors rather than being cooped up in the office. If you can, pick up the phone and start re-building old connections.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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