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Excellent. Looking forward to Module 2.

Chow Kien Yew, Malaysia

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The Right Fit for Every Person

BaZi Career and Wealth Profiles

We're entering the 2nd half of the year, and August 7th marks the entrance into Autumn season (August is the Ren Shen month). Speculations are rife that the conditions of the economy will worsen in the second half of the year compared to the first half. However, for many people, it is also the start of the 'great sales' in designer and luxury stores and the shopping malls!

When the prices start to slump, or take a major downward dip, many of you financially-astute types will be scrambling about to make some significant investments. Different Day Masters and BaZi structures (based on your BaZi chart) will be inclined towards different types of investments or businesses.

Can everyone do well in property investments? Not really, as not all investments are made equal. So what are the criteria for someone being able to do well in property investments? Well, it depends on whether or not your BaZi chart favours the Earth element. It also depends on your BaZi structure.

Some of you will do well in the share market, while others will make a killing entering the franchise industry! In that same vein, some among us flourish while working for others, while some others are much better off working on our own.

All this boils down to your BaZi chart, and your BaZi structure. There are 5 types of BaZi career and wealth profiles that we all fall into. Here's a sample of each:

  • Wealth Profile: 'The Leader.' Results-oriented, driven, problem-solving, controlling.
  • Output Profile: 'The Star of the Show.' Witty, confident, articulate, innovative.
  • Companion Profile: 'The Networker.' Sociable, people-connectors, friendly, persuasive.
  • Influence Profile: 'The Nice Guy.' Stable, amiable, precise, peace-makers.
  • Resource Profile: 'The Thinker.' Methodical, analytical, risk-averse, structured.

Of course, that's just the very fine tip of a very large iceberg! Joey Yap will explore these profiles in detail during his 'BaZi Wealth Profiles' seminar in Singapore on August 2, 2009. During the seminar, he'll delve into each one of those profiles - showing you just what each profile is best at, what kind of jobs and roles they excel in, and by extension, their path of least resistance to wealth.

All you need to start with is your BaZi chart. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jessie Lee
MA Cosultant

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