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This FSM3 is very clear and informative. I hope to have the chance to continue to FSM4 next year. Good work and presentation.

George Kappos, Greece

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The Right Fit for Every Person

How Can BaZi Help You Find the Right Job?

Have you often stopped long enough to wonder why is it you do what you do for a living? We all know people who work simply for the sake of ‘having a job’ or for the fact that it pays the bills. Maybe you’re one of those people. Have you stopped to consider... are you truly passionate about your job?

Consider this - you spend the majority of your day at work. Wouldn’t you be much happier, or at least a lot more content and fulfilled, if that job involved doing something you LOVE? Wouldn’t it be easier NOT to watch the clock every evening waiting for that moment to head back?

As a BaZi consultant, I know that BaZi can help you identify the career path to which you’re most suited. But in my personal experience, I’ve come across many clients who are working in a particular line or industry because: a) their parents pushed them into it, or b) their friends were in this field/industry as well.

We’re each of us unique, however, and have different reasons for wanting to work. It would not be fair to yourself, or to the people you love, to sacrifice those interests and passions simply to hold down a job that makes you miserable. It would be better if we could find a way to merge our passions, and our practical need for money and security, into a job that pays the bills AND contributes positively to our sense of self and wellbeing.

Curious about how BaZi can help? Let me share with you ideas on how it works:

  • Look at the Day Master. The Day Master reveals your basic personality and character traits that are obvious to you, and to others.
    • For example, a Water Day Master is fluid, and needs to constantly be on the move. They thrive on change. So putting a Gui Water person, for example, in an accounting position and having them sit in a chair from 9-5 each day behind four closed walls is a surefire recipe for... disaster.
    • An Earth Day Master thrives on having security and a solid ground. Constant change would make them nuts! Someone with a lot of Earth in his/her chart, or is a Wu Earth Day Master, for example, would be positively miserable in a sales job.
  • Look at the chart structure. By studying the entire BaZi chart, we can also pinpoint how people with different structures gravitate towards different jobs.
    • People who are Resource Structures will love ‘thinking’ jobs, roles that allow them to exercise their analytical skills. Generating new ideas is a piece of cake for them!
    • People with Direct Officer or Seven Killings structures will love to lead and take control. They will flourish when they have a sense of authority at the workplace.

These are just two very simple examples - but they already go a long way toward helping a person decide on what job role and industry might suit them, and eliminate the ones that don’t. Imagine what happens when you have the time to study your entire BaZi chart, or get it read by a consultant?

Using BaZi can help you save time, and eliminate the need to spend years fiddling about in various jobs before deciding what’s right. Those of you who are parents won’t have to spend significant chunks of your life savings on putting your kids through school studying something they detest, or something to which they’re not personally suited.

So do consider giving BaZi a try - it will, at the very least, open your eyes to new perspectives from which you can improve your career. Wishing you all the best on your career explorations!

Jessie Lee
MA Cosultant

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