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Excellent. Bring my knowledge to greater height.

Joseph Ching Cho Sen , Singapore

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Getting Personal with Metaphysics

This week... let’s get a bit ‘personal.’

I started my Feng Shui studies with the Mastery Academy right after I finished college. Those days even though the classes were taught by Joey Yap himself, there were no reference or ‘preparation’ books like the dozens you can find today - students today are so much luckier to be able to prep themselves before class! (Well, the hardworking ones anyway...)

After my FSM1 and 2, I managed to do a few Feng Shui consults - mostly residential - which helped pay for BaZi M1 and 2 about 6 months later. And the quest for knowledge continues...

Having spent almost all my money - what next? Having learnt that I was a Gui 癸 Water Day Master, born out of season - I knew I had to devise some strategy for myself (and quickly, too!):

  • Gui Water people should move around more - go OUT and SEEK opportunities, instead of just sitting and waiting. Think flexibly.

  • How to approach people? Wood, which is strong in my chart, represents art and writing. So, write to people.

  • Weak Day Master requires Resource. How to incorporate Resource in my Feng Shui?

Since the ‘Resource Star’ also represents the Nobleman, it is only logical to use Feng Shui to enhance the same cause, right? Now, for a South sitting house, the ‘Heavenly Doctor’ (which governs help from Noble people) is located in the Southeast sector. The next step would be to move my bedroom to the SE sector. Simple, right? Problem is: the SE sector is the family hall. How now?

Well I moved my bed to the SE sector anyway, and with the help of a partition, I called it my ‘new bedroom.’ About a year sleeping there later, I finally found another house with better external landforms and yanked my whole family up with me. Of course, by then I’d also completed my FSM3 and 4, as well as BZM3 and 4. I might not be super-rich, but I managed to cover whatever bases I needed to. After all, depending on your current BaZi Luck Pillar, sometimes the best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Feng Shui may not be everyone’s ideal profession (trust me, I never intended it either!), but it is a tool that enables opportunities. What sort? That depends on what you want. What are your GOALS?

If you don’t fancy sitting back with nice coffee, and are more ambitious - perhaps you want to start your own company instead. Are you in the right industry? Are you doing what are you meant to do, at your optimum capacity? When is the right time?

Or, in Feng Shui-speak - are you opening the ‘right door’ to receive the Qi? Today, I still favor use of the Nobleman (meet the right people, great clients, bright students), still a fan of Eight Mansions (that, and Xuan Kong Purple White), and still doing a lot of writing (one of my biggest loves). I guess at the end of the day, Feng Shui is not only about wealth-enhancement. It is a tool that allows me to enjoy my life and work better, enjoy the company of my friends, and the health and harmony of my family.

P.S. Use in small does: ‘Resource’ also represents enjoyment of the finer things in life. And laziness...

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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