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It was a fabulous learning experience with you. Thank you very much for sharing your precious knowledge with us. You are the best teacher with scientific answers to questions bombarded by the students.

Suvarna Vinayak Vast, India

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The Right Fit for Every Person

The Rule of Five in Face Reading

On a deeper level, the art of Mian Xiang (Face Reading) also involves reading a person’s body movements and subconscious behaviour, in addition to studying and interpreting both the obvious and subtle physical facial features and qualities.

Similar to the study of Feng Shui and BaZi, then, there are also ‘Special Structures’ in Mian Xiang that enables us to assess the greater capacity of a person.

There is, for example, the structure known as ‘Five Exposed’ (五露), which indicates a person who is extremely successful, and is able to leave behind a legacy of his/her outstanding success. The ‘Five Exposed’ is characterised by these facial traits:

  • Bulging, protruding eyes
  • Shells of the ear ‘reversed’
  • Mouth that doesn’t completely close
  • Exposed nostrils
  • Large Adam Apple that juts out
But what happens if an individual only has FOUR of the five exposed features listed? Then be forewarned: this indicates the potential for a nasty accident. And with only ONE or TWO exposed features? It’s usually a sign of poverty.

Another structure of interest is that of the ‘Five Hidden’ (五藏). (You must be wondering how one’s eyes, ear, mouth, eyebrows, and nose can be hidden!) A person with the ‘Five Hidden’ usually has many hidden talents, great insight and intelligence, and is a skillful strategist. This structure is denoted by these traits:
  • Soft but clear voice
  • Hidden feelings and thoughts which others have difficulty discerning
  • A piercing gaze
  • Deep wisdom
  • Internal strength that is not known by others
Know of anyone who fits into either one of the above-mentioned structures?

Back to Mian Xiang Basics

If fancy-schmancy terms are not your thing, there is always one reliable way to assess a person’s luck - through the eyes. When the eyes are clear, bright, and lively, the person’s luck cannot be bad. And if you match that with a face that appears bright, clear and radiant - that person is experiencing some very good event in his or her life.

Like all Metaphysics subjects, practice makes perfect. Do not be fooled by your friend’s smiling face - if the eyes are lackluster and lacking spirit, with a hint of red veins, combined with a dull complexion lacking a healthy glow - something’s not quite right.

On the other hand, once at a coffee shop I spotted a friend of mine walking into the shop. His face seemed to glow like an angel’s, even from the slight distance. "What did you just do," I asked later. "You’re glowing!"

He smiled. "Just closed a deal, my friend. Many zeroes worth."

Oh well.

Sherwin Ng
MA Cosultant

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