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The course is very interesting and the trainer has presented the course in such a way that it is easy to understand and learn. An excellent course for beginners who has no or minimum knowledge on face reading.

Pang Yu Ling, Singapore

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The Right Fit for Every Person

A Noble Hand

The "Nobleman" or "Gui Ren" is a concept familiar to most Chinese. So it is not too surprising that the studies of BaZi and Feng Shui should pay special attention to this special "Star."

The "Nobleman" refers to people who are able to help you in times of need. Normally, such persons themselves are of higher social status (which makes it easier for them to rescue others), and these people are discreet about their benevolent act.

"Nobleman Luck" - the affinity of receiving aid from helpful persons - is reflected in one’s BaZi chart. Typically, the specific star has to be present in the original chart itself. Not only that, this star has to be a "favourable" element for the chart before it is considered as being truly helpful.

Otherwise, the presence of such a Nobleman star could mean disturbances from well-meaning individuals, but at inappropriate times. The Nobleman star can also appear in the Luck Pillars (10 year blocks) or even in certain years. Of course, the effects here would be temporary.

In Feng Shui, the Nobleman star is represented by the #1 White Star in the Flying Stars system. If you are familiar with the Eight Mansions system, the ‘Tian Yi’ (Heavenly Doctor) has similar supportive powers. Employing the help of these stars require discretion.

If you need someone to give you a little boost in your career, for example, find out the sector where the #1 White Star is and be there to receive it. Or sleep in a ‘Tian Yi’ direction, if you are looking for an effective doctor to aid you in times of ill health. But of course, remember your BaZi chart to begin with. If the Nobleman Star was already present in your Destiny chart, then you should be able to meet this helpful person indefinitely.

A Helping Hand

Many people worry, upon looking at their own BaZi charts, that they will not receive help in life due to the absence of such a star. Having a helping hand when needed most can make a difference in someone’s life or career. But bear in mind that the Nobleman star is only one of the various interesting aspects in BaZi (or Feng Shui).

Many make it big with their own two hands. Other stars, like the "Sky Horse" star, means that a person can be very successful when travelling or working abroad. The "Peach Blossom" star bestows an aura of likeability that is sure to make a difference if you are in sales, PR, or show business. These are just the few common ones.

It is not pre-requisite that these stars be present for any BaZi chart to be of good quality. Remember that the purpose of the BaZi is to identify what actions should be taken at certain points of time. This would naturally bring out the best possible outcome in our endeavours in life.

"If I do not have a Nobleman in my BaZi, can I still use Feng Shui to look for one?" Yes, you can.

For better results you should seek out the #1 White Star during years or months when the Nobleman "visits" your BaZi chart. But here is another suggestion: instead of worrying whether or not we will meet someone helpful, why not do something we know we are good at? That way, chances of a positive outcome become higher.

Who knows, when all our efforts are fully in-sync with our Destiny, we might not even need an extra hand.

Joey Yap

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