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Dear Joey

Fascinating 4 days.

Cannot wait to study more so I can do this much faster and pick up all the tid bits given to us.

Jeanne Ling Tsin Yuen , U.S.A.

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The Right Fit for Every Person

Every Face Tells a Story...
But What Are Your Pimples Trying to Tell You?

The summer months are here, and the heat is on in many parts of the world. In this year of the Earth Ox (Ji Chou), one of the many physical problems we’ll face is directly related to the skin, as outbreaks of blemishes, pimples, and acne will be fairly common. In the study of BaZi and the 5 Elements, when the Earth element is too dry (ie. in the summer), the likelihood of skin-related issues occurring is much higher.

In Mian Xiang (Chinese Face Reading), different parts of the face correspond to the different ages of an individual, or different aspects of one’s life. When those particular areas are afflicted by acne or blemishes, it will affect your luck outcome in different ways. Here’s what it means to have blemishes on different parts of the face:

  • Blemishes on the Sky Horse Area of the face, also known as the Travelling Palace, indicate frustrations or problems related to travelling. So if you’re going on a trip and spots appear on this area - you might want to be a little more careful.

  • Acne on the Life Palace (the space between your eyebrows) indicates that the person will be in a bad mood and prone to arguments and fights.

  • Pimples in the area between the eyebrows and the eye, or the Property Palace, suggests the possibility of mishaps at home - or the likelihood of a troubled home atmosphere.

  • Blemishes on the nose bridge (also known as the Mountain Roots) suggest the possibility of arguments with your spouse.

  • The appearance of spots on the nose tip, or on the nose wings, indicates the future loss of money through excessive spending or through bad investments, speeding fines and summonses, and the like.

  • Blemishes at the corners of the mouth suggest that you’re likely to be argumentative and get into disagreements and quarrels.

  • Pimples at the Hired Help Palace indicate that you’re likely to have problems with your staff, or your hired help (i.e. maids) at home.
To learn more about Face Reading, and to analyse facial features in greater depth, consider taking a class in the subject. Next time, you’ll be able to “read” your face and understand what it means when you see blemishes, scars, or lines in certain areas of your face - and learn what the different features or areas of your face mean.

Here’s wishing you a blemish-free few months ahead!

Jessie Lee
MA Cosultant

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