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Thank you very much, have been to your class quite often now since my Bazi M2 class last year. Are you offering Bazi M3 this year? As you said practice is very important and only can be improved from there. Hope you can write a book about face reading for references. Thanks a million.

Phua Kea Tong, Malaysia

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Wood in the Year of the Earth Ox
How Wood Day Masters Fare in the Year of the Earth Ox

Having talked about 3 out of the 5 elements in our previous installments (Metal, Water, and Fire), this week we’ll take a look at the 4th one - Wood. We’ll get an overview of how the year of the Earth Ox bodes for Wood Day Masters. (If you don’t know what your Day Master is, you can find out by plotting your BaZi chart for free here.)

In your BaZi chart, under the pillar titled ‘Day,’ (second pillar from the left) there are two sets of characters. The character on top - the ‘Heavenly Stem’ - indicates your Day Master. Your Day Master indicates your basic characteristics, personality traits, and general temperament, particularly the features that everyone - whether your family members, friends, colleagues, or even acquaintances - can detect and perceive.

In BaZi, the Wealth element for Wood is Earth, so Wood people will do well this year where wealth is concerned. This will be especially true for those of you who were born in the spring, between February 4 and May 5. There will be plenty of opportunities to tap into wealth and realise key opportunities related to an increase in income or revenue.

For males, the Wealth element also represents the Wife/Spouse Star, and accordingly, single male Wood Day Masters will find this a peachy year in terms of romance! You stand a chance of meeting someone who might very well turn out to be a good prospect for you. To increase your chances... hit the circuit, and don’t hold back on the charm!

Married males might have to a little careful, however, as there are signs of possible third-party influences. You will need to be on guard against temptation and dalliances. Also, there is a chance that your marriage might be on choppy waters this year, so you will need to put in more of an effort. Make an attempt to connect with your partner even more this year, and keep marital discord and relationship problems at bay by spending more quality time together, and connecting over intimate conversations and shared interests.

Wood Day Masters who were born in the summer and autumn months (between May and October) are considered to have a “weak” Wood element in their BaZi charts, and therefore they need to be particularly careful where their health is concerned. Possible health issues include stomach troubles and growths on the body.

Wood people should focus on their career and wealth progress, because this will be a good year in terms of opportunities, and professional and material growth. Good luck doesn’t come around very often, so you’ll need to push yourself to achieve your fullest potential this year to make the most of it. Pursue long-cherished goals, set up a long-awaited business negotiation, or simply consider the right moves to make in order to ascend the career ladder or take your job to the next step. This year, you need to go forth and conquer!

While this serves as a guideline for all Wood Day Masters, a BaZi consultation can help you to tailor this information according to your individual chart. You’ll be able to understand how your Day Master attributes work in context of your entire chart. It is highly recommended that.

MA Cosultant

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