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Thank you for the enlightening 3 days course. The information has been helpful and I could see myself applying the knowledge immediately.

Susan Ong Lay Hong , Singapore

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The Dangers of Sha Qi

In the study of Feng Shui, the goal is to harness the sentimental energies of the natural environment, while avoiding negative and menacing energy (Sha Qi). Here are a few common negative features we can find:

  • Straight, incoming roads

  • Pylon, electrical poles

  • Fast-moving rivers

  • Jagged, rocky mountains
  • Here are some of the possible methods used by Feng Shui consultants to mitigate the effects of these Sha Qi forms:

  • Physical barriers: Strategically placed walls and trees can be used to block menacing featured, especially straight incoming roads and T-junctions.

  • Water: External bodies of water can be used to subdue pylons and electrical poles. This is because pylons belong to the 'Fire' element. and water can be used to control them. Furthermore, Qi stops at the boundaries of water - and this applies to negative Qi as well.However, Water has to be carefully placed according to Feng Shui formulas like the 'Direct Indirect Spirit' location.

  • Building Shape: The 'Five Element' shape of the building, compared to a Metal shape building. Also, strategic 'sunken' and 'protruding' sectors of a building can be used to deflect negative external forms. Fire shape building are typically considered to Metal element buildings.

  • Date Selection: Proper selection of the right date can also mitigate certain feng Shui flaws, as well as activate positive Feng Shui features and improve Qi flow. In certain cases where the negative features cannot be avoided, enhancing and positive sectors may become helpful.
  • Of course, certain sources of Sha Qi are too large to deflect - for example, a curved elevated highway (known as the Curve Blade Sha(. Ultimately, and whenever possible, the idea of Feng Shui is to find a location where the sentimental Qi of the mountains meets the Water - a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang.

    MA Cosultant

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