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Thanks and good luck for the coming events.

Christina Döpper-Mehlhorn, Germany

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The Right Fit for Every Person

How Metal Day Masters Fare in The Year of the Earth Ox

Most of you can probably sense the changes in the way you feel as the Ji Chou (Earth Ox) energy if the new year kicks into gear. It's time, then, to address earc individual element and how it each element is affected in a series of emails. This first email will focus on those whose Day Master is the Metal element, or those who have strong Metal elements in their BaZi chart. To find out what's your Day Master, you can plot your BaZi chart for free here

In general, due to the strong Earth element this year, Metal people of those with strong Metal elements can expert quite a bumpy year ahead. In Chinese Metaphysics, the Earth elements is also the Resource Elements for Metal. The Resource Element represents a person's thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom. As there is too much Earth this year, this element will tend to cover and bury the Metal element. This means that Metal people will tend to think too much, suffer from conflicted feelings and emotions, and become uncertain and easily confused.

The effects are compounded if the Metal Person has a strong Water elements in his/her chart. Water, which represents feelings and emotions, will be contaminated by the excess Earth and cause you to feel disillusioned, easily frustrated, and prone to negative emotions. You might also find yourself falling prey to laziness and lacking direction and drive.

How can a Metal person overcome this problem?

  • To control the Ji Chou, it is important to bear in mind that we need the Jia Zi, which combines both the Ji and Chou.

  • For a Metal person,'Jia' or Wood is their wealth element. The 'Zi' (rat) element combines with the 'Chou' (Ox), whihc is the Output Star or Metal people. Being more aggressive in generating wealth will help to reduce problems for the Metal person this year. Strive to be pro-active in matters of wealth.

  • Male Metals should seek support and motivation from their female girlfriends or spouses as Wood also represents their Girlfriend or Spouse Star. Therefore, ladies with a Metal Day Master boyfriend or husband... you support and encouragement this year will benifit your partner tremendously!

  • Travelling and moving around will help greatly, as opposed to staying at home and thinking or brooding too much. Keep yourself occupied, because the Jia also comes in the form of Yin (Tiger) in the Earth Branch. The Yin (Tiger) is also a Travelling Star. As much, when planning your holidays this year... head to vibrant, energetic places instead or aiming to relax on a hammock by the beach!
  • Metal people this year will have to know where to look and to do, and things will work out in their favour. Don't allow a sense of despondency to overwhelm you. STAY FOCUSED, and remain in control of your thoughts - because you are the only one who can control them.

    Have a productive and fulfilling year ahead!
    (For more information on the BaZi principles mentioned here, please refer to Joey Yap's BaZi - The Destiny Code and BaZi - The Destiny Code Revealed.)

    MA Cosultant

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